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After the eye exams are completed at Cohen’s Fashion Optical, and they show your children need glasses, it's time to guide your kids to a pair of glasses they'll love to wear. The style of your kids' eyeglasses, whether they are 6 or 12, is a major factor in whether they want to wear them, so help them choose a style that they like and they are comfortable wearing. Then make putting on trendy eyewear a part of your child's daily routine, starting early in the morning and ending at bedtime. To preserve their eye health while at school, ensure that your child’s teacher is aware of the eyewear routine as well.

After the eye exams, you’ll need to put some thought into buying glasses for growing children that they will like for as long as the eyeglasses fit them. While kids' eyeglasses usually require replacements more often than adult’s eyeglasses, they still need a style to grow with and not get tired off quickly, so you may want to avoid a design that’s too childish. A hot trend in eyeglasses for children is an adult-looking design, as children feel more grown-up and stylish when putting them on. Along with improving eye health, your children’s eyewear style affects the way your child feels and presents themselves to the world, so get them something they are proud of.

While annual eye exams and glasses for young kids at Cohen’s Fashion Optical protect your child’s eyes, you need to encourage your children to protect their glasses as well. Cleaning kids' eyeglasses requires the same care as adult glasses, warm water, a drop of soap and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth will extend the life of the lens. When storing eyeglasses for children, the golden rule is: When the glasses are not on your face, the eyewear should be in the case. For kids in sports, eye health is best protected with sports glasses that feature impact-resistant lenses and a wraparound design.

If the eye exams show that your children ages 6 to 12 require vision correction, start thinking about how to ensure your kids love their eyewear. Because they’re active, their kids' eyeglasses need to fit snugly to allow them to move around freely without the eyeglasses becoming a nuisance. Eyeglasses for children should be no wider than their temples but not too narrow either, or else the effectiveness of the lens is lessened. In addition to weakened eye health, poorly fitting frames run the risk of making your child feel self-conscious about the look, too small and the eyes look closer together, too wide and they shrink the look of their face.
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