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Scheduling eye exams for your child ages 6 to 12 should be part of your to-do list before school starts each year – not only to diagnose whether kids need glasses to see better but to also identify vision problems in your youngsters. Because kids' eyeglasses improve concentration and reduce eye strain and headaches in children who need vision correction, it’s important to recognize the warning signs as early as possible. Eyeglasses for children may be necessary if you spot your child sitting too close to the television, blinking excessively or constantly rubbing their eyes. In addition to visible eye health indicators, such as redness or tearing, other signs like headaches, extreme light sensitivity and losing their place while reading signal that it may be time for vision correction.

Once the eye exams are complete, it’s time to choose eyewear for your youngster, eyewear that is easy to wear but also appealing to your child's budding fashion sense. When deciding on kids' eyeglasses, involve your kids and encourage them to look at trendy eyewear styles that maybe they've seen celebrities wear. Trendy eyeglasses for children should also be durable, especially if kids are in sports, so choose a flexible metal or plastic frame that stands up to almost anything and everything that your kids put them through. While eye health is improved with vision correction, you also want to protect your child’s eyes with eyewear that helps prevent eye injuries in active kids, such as polycarbonate lenses and wraparound frame designs.

After the eye exams and the right eye glasses are found at Cohen’s Fashion Optical, the next step is to make sure the fit is right. When choosing kids' eyeglasses, it is tempting to consider buying larger sized eyewear for growing children, but a proper bridge fit is necessary to ensure the eyeglasses don’t slide down or pinch the bridge of the nose and sit too high. In eyeglasses for children, it's important to choose the right frame shape for your child's face, such as oval or round frames for square faces and rectangular frames for rounder faces. While eye health is always the primary concern, choosing trendy eyewear that is fashion forward improves the chances of your kids wearing the glasses and feeling good about their new eyewear.

Proper eye exams also identify the most important technical consideration when adding the right thickness of lenses to the frames. The thickness of your kids' eyeglasses can impact the size of frame as well, as smaller frames tend to reduce the final lens thickness. Choose eyeglasses for children with UV protection to give your child additional protection from sunlight when they are outdoors. Improve and protect the eye health of your child by accounting for each of these factors when choosing eyewear for children, and keep your child’s eyes in the best possible condition.
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