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Eyeglasses for Teens Why One Pair Isn't Enough

More than One Pair Prescription Eyeglasses, Glasses for School, Glasses for Sports & Computer Glasses for Teens

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For active teens, more than one pair of prescription eyeglasses is a must, and they'll find lots of designer eyeglasses brands to choose from at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Whether its glasses for sports, glasses for computer use or alternate glasses to keep in their locker as a back-up, the notion that one pair of glasses needs to last until a prescription changes is outdated. For glasses for school, home or weekend use – more than one pair of glasses is a viable option because our designer eyeglasses for teens are affordable and durable. Or consider adding contact lenses for teens to your purchase, which sometimes can be a convenient alternative to glasses for teens.

More than one pair of prescription glasses can save the day for teens with a hectic schedule. It's easy to forget glasses for school when rushing out the door to catch the bus, or accidentally leave them in the car on your way to practice – with a back-up pair, teens are less likely to be out of focus. Contact lenses for teens can help alleviate some of these issues, but eyes need a break after all-day contact use, so sometimes only glasses will do. Glasses for sports are a smart buy for busy teens, too – prescription sports glasses (in their case, of course) can live in sports bags and that way they'll always be there when they need them.

But purchasing more than one pair of prescription eyeglasses for teens isn't just about a busy lifestyle and absent-mindedness – some glasses have very specific benefits. For example, glasses for sports are specifically designed for active people, with features like anti-fog and anti-scratch coating or wraparound styles that help athletes maximize performance on the court, track or field. Prescription goggles or glasses for school sports can come with features like shatter-proof lenses that help protect eyes, or may have an attached head strap so the prescription glasses for teens stay put even during the most heated competitions. Prescription goggles are a game changer for those who can't wear contact lenses, and are ideal for swimming, basketball and other sports.

Alternate glasses for sports is one reason to buy multiple pairs of eyeglasses for teens – another important reason is to change up one's look. When teens wear glasses for school everyday, the same pair of designer eyeglasses can get boring. More than one pair of prescription eyeglasses allows teens to try out different styles from classic to dramatic – and with their prominent placement on the face, eyeglasses are a major accessory. And sometimes contact lenses for teens are the ideal option – when they want features, not glasses, to take center stage.

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