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Consider eyeglass frames that harness your inner youth. Prescription glasses aren't just for seeing better, they're also a way to express your fashion sense while telling the world that you fit in with the younger crowd. From colored contacts to fashion eyeglasses, at Cohen's Fashion Optical we carry desirable eyewear that makes you look younger. Whether looking for rimless glasses or interested in transitioning to progressive lenses in lieu of bifocals, we're here to help you unlock your youthful look.

When at the office, designer eyeglasses help you merge the professional look you need with the youthful glow you want. Select eyeglass frames that accent your best features, such as frameless glasses that offer that barely there look, often associated with a younger appearance. When seeking stylish glasses that make you look younger, remember that professional settings also value experience, so designer eyewear that highlights your youthful features while still exuding a professional and mature vibe is a necessity. Our designer eyewear for the office makes you feel youthful and elegant, such as colorful frames that speak to your whimsical youthfulness, while also offering a professional look with polished eyeglass frames that exude a smart look.

The right eyeglass frames not only look great, but also fit your youthful lifestyle. Browse our prescription glasses designed for an active lifestyle, such as prescription sunglasses or our durable line of designer eyewear. Colored contacts sold by Cohen's Fashion Optical are a smart choice to portray a younger look, swapping out eyeglass frames for a more youthful, glasses-free appearance, and offer the added benefit of flexibility when playing a contact sport, such as soccer, basketball or volleyball. Browse fashion eyeglasses that make you look younger such as Clubmaster eyeglass frames or stylish aviator sunglasses reminiscent of your more athletic years.

Regardless of atmosphere, selecting progressive glasses over bifocals is an obvious switch to help you obtain a more youthful-looking appearance. When picking progressive lenses and frames, go for a look that's natural to you, and make sure you're comfortable with the flexibility your new frames give you. For example, semi rimless glasses or other barely-there frames offer the opportunity to experiment with a more youthful style. When selecting fashion eyeglasses that make you look younger, the choices are nearly endless; swing by one of our stores and let our stylists help you navigate toward your new youthful look.
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