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Selecting appropriate eyeglass frames shaves years off of your look. Changing prescription glasses frames can highlight your features, such as bringing out the luster in your eyes. Or, consider swapping out your glasses for colored contacts a shade lighter or darker than your natural eye color; you don't need a complete color change to add some liveliness to your look and contacts often make you look younger than glasses. With the right rimless glasses or other designer eyeglasses such as those available at Cohen's Fashion Optical, you can achieve that youthful look you've been dreaming of.

Believe it or not, eyeglass frames can actually work to hide any imperfections that come with age, such as wrinkles around the eyes or stubborn crow's feet. Select designer eyeglasses with a wide frame to cover up the fine lines around your eyes. Prescription glasses with a distinctive pattern also take away attention from sun spots on your face, offering an elegant burst of color to your appearance. Stylish glasses that make you look younger not only cover up some of your imperfections, but they also help keep you on top of the latest, youthful trends.

When selecting eyeglass frames, it's important to consider the youthful features you want to highlight. For example, prescription glasses with a subtle blue or green rim bring out light shades in your eyes, reminding onlookers of that youthful twinkle you had in your early years. Colored contacts are another way to highlight your look, such as lightening up your entire appearance with a shade lighter than your natural eye color, specifically helpful after you had a hair color touch-up and want your lighter hair and eye color to pop together. Designer eyewear sold at Cohen's Fashion Optical is intended to enhance your natural features, helping you fall in love again with the features you've favored since your youth.

Eyeglass frames are a true fashion piece; select the right one and you're fitting in with the young, hip crowd. Prescription glasses serve as an accessory, and vibrant frames add a pop of color to your outfit, or try adding a brand name of eyeglass frames to your already chic ensemble. Choose our stylish rimless frames for that suave look, or venture for a more classic semi rimless glasses frame for a look that exudes your professional vibe. Regardless of choice, designer eyewear is used to compliment your ability to adapt to the latest fashion trends, showing the world that you understand the latest, youth-inspired trends.
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