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When cycling, try on prescription sports glasses at Cohen’s Fashion Optical to enjoy outdoor recreation that requires protective eyewear. Get fitted for prescription goggles with wraparound frames for protection against falls and even bugs flying in your eyes when you go mountain biking. Or wear prescription sunglasses when you ride, as glare from the sun can cause accidents as well, especially helpful for racing at high speeds. Select glasses for sports to fit different types of cycling events, so you always have the ideal eye protection.

A day boating with prescription sports glasses, including sunglasses, protects eyes from a variety of conditions including intense glare on white decks. Wearing prescription goggles is a must when handling sails, as the swing of a boom can lead to accidents and clear vision is essential to helping you stay safe. Slip on prescription sunglasses though, when at anchor, so you can settle into a deck chair and enjoy eye protection against UV rays. All these glasses for sports can also provide protection for speed boating, rafting and other watercraft recreational activities.

Put on your prescription sports glasses from Cohen’s Fashion Optical when it’s time to hit the green and you want eyewear that offers more convenience than traditional glasses. A pair of prescription goggles fastens snugly to your face so you concentrate on your swing and improve your game. And with prescription sunglasses, you enjoy a clear view of the course, no matter how intense the sun. Try glasses for sports that offer protection and a secure fit as well, so you can focus on a hole-in-one.

Put on prescription sports for a hiking trip and enhance your experience of nature, seeing everything clearly while enjoying the protection from dust and wind. A pair of prescription goggles makes a sudden excursion onto rocks safe as you have impact- resistant protection for your eyes in the event of a slip. And with prescription sunglasses equipped with transition lenses, you can spend all day on the trail and your prescription sports sunglasses will adjust to the light. Several pairs of glasses for sports can be tossed in a backpack, so you have eyewear that meets all the demands of the outdoors.
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