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Bring prescription sports glasses to your next pickup game of basketball and see that half court jump shot clearly. Strap on prescription goggles for added protection so you can enjoy an intense game while helping protect your eyes from the elbows and arms of other players. Also slip on prescription sunglasses for outside games to protect your eyes on sunny days. Select glasses for sports, including prescription sports sunglasses, you got a Cohen’s Fashion Optical to make it easier to score on the court.

Have a pair of prescription sports glasses that make playing baseball fun as well, whether you join an adult league or play with your company’s team. Wear eyewear like prescription goggles to keep your eye on the ball, worry-free of eye injuries from a wild pitch. While in the dugout, prescription sunglasses are also helpful to reduce the glare while you wait your turn at bat. Pick glasses for sports that fit the game, so for baseball, wraparound frames are essential to keep your eyewear secure when sliding into home base.

Pair prescription sports glasses to specific sports so you have the best protection while playing rough games like football or rugby. Wearing prescription goggles while playing football is essential, whether tag or tackle, to help prevent accidental pokes to the eyes while catching a pass or sacking the quarterback. Also select prescription sunglasses while sitting out on the bench, so you can see all the action on the field without having to squint. The best glasses for sports, for both on and off the field, provide overall protection to your eyes so you can enjoy the game.

Fit your kids with prescription sports glasses so they can play their favorite sports like soccer with the confidence knowing they can see clearly when they kick that goal. A pair of prescription goggles provides the best protection while maintaining prescription lenses. While at Cohen’s, also get prescription sunglasses for yourself and watch the competition from the sidelines on bright summer days. The ideal glasses for sports help make soccer fun and safe and let you see the game and cheer on your kids.
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