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Your glasses for work from Cohen’s Fashion Optical can express your flair on casual Friday in cool colors and inspired materials. Take out reading glasses in fire engine red and show everyone you are ready for the weekend. Wear computer glasses made with wood frames to express your style while working on the latest project but secretly dreaming of camping in the wilderness. Or make your prescription eyeglasses a fashion statement with cool titanium frames to top off the work week.

Decide on glasses for work that set you apart in the cubicle farm, especially when you are vying for a promotion. Reading glasses with gold frames are chic enough to get your supervisor’s attention. And computer glasses with classic black frames scream "smart, focused and dedicated" without saying a word. Keep extra pairs of prescription eyeglasses in high profile designs to boost your career with style.

Get glasses for work at Cohen’s Fashion Optical to protect your eyes when its time to take a break. Put down the reading glasses, and head out for lunch with adaptive lens sunglasses. And though your computer glasses are protecting your pupils in the office, you want protection for outdoors as well, shielding eyes from harmful UV rays. Combine prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for protective eyewear and endless style.

Your glasses at work are for more than just sitting around the office, as you sometimes have to travel for business. Pack reading glasses with durable frames that hold up under the roughest baggage handlers. Take different computer glasses with thin and strong frames that slip easily in and out of your shirt pocket while scanning computer screens at a trade show. For work-related travel, prescription glasses, no matter how many pairs you take, must be tough enough to take the bumps and knocks of your journey.
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