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Kids' prescription sports glasses, available at Cohen's Fashion Optical, are ideal for kids who are naturally active. Prescription sports glasses for kids become a more viable option as they get older, not just because they are physically active, but their lives are more active, too. Keeping track of prescription googles, sports glasses or regular day-to-day glasses becomes easier if you have specific glasses that perform a specific function, leaving sports goggles in your locker and regular glasses in a case in your backpack. Without prescription sports goggles or sports eyewear, kids tend to ditch their regular glasses and lose track of them – and the ball.

Kids' prescription sports glasses are a must if they roughhouse, play hard or participate in sports. Prescription sports glasses for kids feature polycarbonate lenses. Unlike prescription goggles, which are rarely worn outside of specific sports, sports glasses can be worn in more informal activities and on the playground. Like prescription sports goggles, sports glasses with polycarbonate lenses are shatter-proof, scratch resistant and lightweight.

When considering buying prescription sports glasses, let the opticians at Cohen's Fashion Optical know about your child's activity level. Some opticians may suggest prescription goggles if your child plays basketball for example, because the jostling and jumping may require the secure fit a headband and goggles provide. Prescription sports goggles for kids are ideal for contact sports, where regular glasses could come off and break. Kids' prescription sports glasses with polycarbonate lenses allow kids to play safely and still gain all the benefits of visual correction.

Kids' prescription sports glasses also have different frames than everyday kids' prescription glasses, which are great for lower levels of activity, but insufficient for sports or generally active kids. Prescription sports glasses for kids have durable frames and lenses, not only blocking UV rays, but also helping block stray arms, elbows or flying objects. Prescription goggles are best for more active sports, but for the playground, sports eyewear is ideal if your kid is extremely active. Determine if prescription sports goggles are necessary, or, if not, look into sports glasses for kids that can be worn for a variety of activities.
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