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What activity level warrants kids' prescription sports glasses and can you find them at Cohen's Fashion Optical? Well, prescription goggles (available at many of our stores) and sports glasses (featured in all of our stores), might not be necessary for the moderately active kid on the playground, but if your child is tough on glasses or actively participates in sports, they may be an option. Prescription sports glasses for kids may be the perfect solution for the rigors of childhood. Prescription sports goggles and glasses have special features that are ideal for specific sports and seriously active kids.

Certain activities require kids' prescription sports glasses because they will stand up to the demands of a particular sport or activity level. The most important feature of prescription sports glasses for kids is that they stay put. Sports goggles take a secure fit to the next level, staying close to the face and secured by a headband. Most sports don't require prescription sports goggles, a good sports glasses with a properly fitted bridge and temples or headband will do the trick on the playground, at recess or on the field.

Prescription sports goggles are specific to sports, but sports glasses found at Cohen's Fashion Optical, have features that are beneficial to active kids during recess, not just athletes. One feature of kids' prescription sports glasses that is beneficial to all active kids, even if they aren't in competitive sports, is spring hinges. Prescription sports glasses for kids and regular kids' prescription glasses with spring hinges allow kids to take glasses off and on without damaging them. Unlike prescription goggles, which don't stay on after sport, if kids happen to fall asleep in sports eyewear after an active day, spring hinges protect the glasses from distortion or damage.

In addition to prescription goggles or sports glasses, an important feature for kids who are in competitive sports or who are very active, is UV protection. Make sure your kids' prescription sports goggles have UV filtration to help in the prevention future eye damage. Kids' prescription sport glasses, whether for the playground or for competition, protects eyes from sun damage, from irritants in the air or accidents on the playground. Prescription sports glasses for kids are worth considering if your kid is active indoors or out and needs glasses that can withstand kids' energy.
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