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Finding the best glasses for school at Cohen's Fashion Optical will get even easier as your children get older, as they are better able to communicate if they can see clearly, what style they like and more. Determining the best eyeglasses for kids who are preschoolers can present a bit more of a challenge, as they aren't interested in weighing in on the pros and cons of style or their vision, they just want to keep moving and exploring. Finding the right kids' prescription glasses as they get older is important because they aren't just wearing them at home, they're wearing them at school, where the opinions of other kids and the rigors of the classroom and playground can influence what kind of glasses they need. Don't worry, we've got kids' glasses that are ideal for your child – for the classroom, playground and home.

Convincing your children that kids' prescription glasses are important for school and need to be worn as the doctor prescribed (every day or to see the computer etc.) can be a challenge. Some children worry that kids' glasses will make them look different. Find the best glasses for school and discuss with your kids the benefits of wearing glasses in school. The best eyeglasses for kids will allow them to see the board clearly, follow the lessons, see the ball on the playground and more – they will no longer have to struggle to keep up.

Understanding the importance of kids' prescription glasses at school, your kids will be more invested in taking care of their glasses properly. Unlike kids' glasses for preschoolers, where parents ultimately have the responsibility of caring for the glasses, as your children get older, they need to care for their glasses themselves. The best glasses for school are those that are in good shape – no scratches, in one piece and clean. The best eyeglasses for kids are ones they actually have in their possession, not forgotten at home or left in the locker room.

Kids' glasses are made for a child's active lifestyle, so let your children know that glasses don't have to interfere with any of their favorite activities, and, in fact, improved vision will make activities more enjoyable at school and on the playground. And when choosing kids' prescription glasses with your children, style is important at school too – in the classroom, lots of kids will want to weigh in on how glasses look. The best eyeglasses for school are those that are stylish, cool and those that your child feels comfortable in. The best eyeglasses for kids are not just the ones that improve their vision, but also improve their confidence and their comfort wearing glasses.
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