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The best glasses for school or home, available at Cohen's Fashion Optical, are the children's glasses that kids find easy to wear. Not only that, the best eyeglasses for kids are the ones that they actually want to wear. Kids' prescription glasses, like adult glasses, need to flawlessly correct vision, but the eyewear also must be convenient to wear, durable and look good so kids won't feel self-conscious with glasses on. If you are buying kids' glasses, the most important thing is to remove any barriers or excuses to wearing their glasses – and maybe even get them to love wearing their glasses.

Figuring out the best glasses for school or home gets easier as your child gets older. Determining the best eyeglasses for kids when they are preschoolers can be difficult. They won't demand children's eyeglasses because the book they are reading is blurry. They usually can't read and they don't have an understanding of previous 20/20 vision to compare it to. Observation will determine if kids' prescription glasses are necessary. Children may need kids' glasses if they are squinting or their nose is pressed right up to the television or picture books, but it will take an optometrist and eye test to confirm that this is the case.

The best glasses for kids, like those found at Cohen's Fashion Optical, won't benefit your child if he or she won't wear them. First, ensure they wear kids' prescription glasses by buying glasses that are a good fit. Kids' glasses have special fit considerations, especially the bridge, as their noses are still growing, so you must ensure that glasses fit securely across the bridge and stay in place. If they are not wearing comfortable eyeglasses, children might take the glasses off when you're not looking or even hide the eyewear.

Oftentimes though, when kids' prescription glasses go missing it is legitimate, as kids are very active and can forgot where they last left the glasses. Purchasing two pairs of kids' glasses is a good idea so they don't go without their prescription while waiting for a new pair of glasses. The best eyeglasses for kids, ones that will actually be worn, are the glasses that kids like the look of and feel comfortable wearing. The best eyeglasses for school are the ones that allow them to feel comfortable wearing in all situations and in front of their friends and classmates.
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