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The variety of designer eyeglasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical defines your style for more than casual occasions, offering designer prescription glasses that highlight your eyes at formal affairs as well. Bring out designer sunglasses for an outdoor wedding, a sharp complement to your tuxedo. Select other designer eyeglasses that coordinate with your wedding fashion choice, with classic frame styles and subtle colors. Or switch your stylish glasses from one pair that's dark and elegant for the ceremony to another pair that's bright and bold for the reception.

Designer eyeglasses are also must-haves for other special occasions like the prom. Sport flashy designer sunglasses as you step out of the limousine. Or wear designer glasses with cool, thin aluminum frames that highlight your eyes for prom photos. See what stylish glasses match your shoes, or pick trendy glasses that feature gem accents on the temples for a dazzling entrance.

Designer eyeglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical also come in handy for upscale business events where you need to present a sophisticated style. Take out your designer sunglasses for a chic look at your boss's lawn party. Or wear designer glasses with classic semi-rimless frames for your company's formal cocktail parties and fundraisers. Keep a pair of stylish glasses in your pocket, elegant reading glasses, so you look refined while browsing the menu at a company awards dinner party.

See what designer eyeglasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical fit your personal flair and style for black tie events. Put on designer sunglasses for that outdoor symphony, so you can focus on the music and not the bright sun. Or wear designer glasses with a cool metallic sheen for a night at the opera or ballet. Also set aside stylish glasses fitted with bifocals for opening night events, so you can go from greeting other socialites to glancing at your program with ease.
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