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See what designer eyeglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical fit your personality for a first date, selecting frame shape and frame color to show off your style. Put on designer sunglasses and make that amazing first impression at an outdoor cafe. Or try on designer glasses with semi-rimless or rimless frames for a look of distinction over dinner. Pick stylish glasses the same way you would pick your outfit when meeting someone new.

Your designer eyeglasses aren't just for the social scene, as they can also accentuate your look on a day out with your family. Wear designer sunglasses with shimmering gold frames while at the amusement park with the kids. Then try on designer glasses with practical plastic frames in a color that complements your skin tone when taking the whole family out to an ice cream social. Sport one pair of stylish glasses for paddle boat rides and another pair for weekend family movies, as trendy glasses express your personality as a fashionable parent and spouse.

Try different affordable designer eyeglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical to see which frames will be ideal for a night out with friends. Yes, designer sunglasses with titanium frames at the nightclub will evoke an air of mystery. Though designer glasses that accent your eye color, like fair or medium dark frames, will more likely lead to a conversation at the bar. For some, designer glasses with lightweight wood frames might be the distinctive look for a night of dancing, or trendy glasses with plastic frames come in so many colors, you can pick a different style for every night out.

Put on designer eyeglasses as well when the weekend rolls around and outdoor parties are happening. Slip on designer sunglasses for that backyard barbecue when sensitive eyes need protection from the sun. Or wear designer glasses with pastel frame colors that fit the theme of a beachside bash. Take stylish glasses like Monel metal or stainless steel for a block party or a fireworks display when you want a contemporary look for fun events.
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