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The tests for eye diseases like glaucoma include distance chart tests and side-vision tests administered by optometrists who are trained to detect the many vision changes with age and their related diseases. Many of the eye problems in older adults like glaucoma seen at Cohen's Fashion Optical are also detected by dilated eye exams which require drops that magnify the retina and optic nerve and allow for closer examination. With no glaucoma symptoms, eye doctors rely on these proven tests to identify diseases of the eye such as glaucoma and other eye conditions in older adults who may not realize they have a problem. Other tests for eye problems in the elderly include those that measure pressure inside the eye and the thickness of the cornea, all indicators of glaucoma development.

Treatments for eye diseases like glaucoma include many approved medications that can delay the progression of the disease. Some eye problems in older adults may be managed with eye drops that reduce eye pressure. Before glaucoma symptoms reveal the severity of the disease, eye doctors can prescribe drugs to reduce eye fluid altogether. When eye problems of the elderly are treated with medications, the eye doctor may ask about other medications and supplements being taken to prevent interference with the treatment.

Laser treatments also help eye diseases like glaucoma, improving fluid drainage with a burst of intense light. Optometrists who spot glaucoma eye problems in adults will recommend specialists that perform these procedures. Though glaucoma symptoms are almost non-existent in the early stages of the disease, the treatment can have some side-effects, including some soreness and inflammation that often is treated with eye drops. These glaucoma eye problems of the elderly may require other treatments along with laser surgery, depending on the progression of the disease.

Conventional surgery for eye diseases like glaucoma is used when other measures like medications and laser surgery have failed to reduce pressure. Treating the eye problems in adults with built-up fluid retention involves making a small incision for proper drainage. For a person experiencing any glaucoma symptoms, surgery may be the next step to help retain vision. For eye problems of the elderly, conventional surgery is often considered the best method of treatment.
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