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Detecting Eye Diseases like Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is among the eye diseases that most commonly affect aging eyes. Many eye problems in adults are related to a group of eye diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve due to pressure. There are no glaucoma symptoms that can be distinctly detected by a patient. Most often, eye problems of the elderly lead to advanced glaucoma which results in diminished vision or blindness because of late diagnosis, which is why regular checkups by optometrists, like the ones at Cohen's Fashion Optical, are essential for early detection.

This group of eye diseases can also be affected by blood pressure in the body. Several eye problems in adults like glaucoma are related to personal health and because eye health and age are intrinsically connected, it is important to speak to your medical doctor as well about risk factors as they relate to eye conditions in older adults. With only advanced glaucoma symptoms offering warning signs, comprehensive medical consultation is the only path to prevention.

Glaucoma related eye diseases are most commonly diagnosed in people 60 and over, mostly by optometrists such as the ones at Cohen's Fashion Optical who provide thorough eye exams. Among eye problems in adults, it ranks second after cataracts as a leading cause of blindness. An absence of dramatic glaucoma symptoms causes many to disregard minute losses of vision as typical vision changes with age and insignificant signs of aging eyes resolved with a stronger prescription. Though peripheral-vision eye problems of the elderly indicate advanced stages of the disease, many risk groups such as those with a family history of diabetes and severe nearsightedness can be proactive before any symptoms arise by getting their eyes checked early.

Trying to determine eye diseases through self-diagnosis leads to many eye conditions in older adults like glaucoma going unchecked. While eye problems in adults like blurred vision can be alarming, glaucoma offers no such warning. Such glaucoma symptoms such as loss of peripheral vision are on the severe spectrum of the disease's progression and minimize the success rate of treatment. As a result, eye problems of the elderly should be diagnosed with the specialized exams available from optometrists like the ones at Cohen's Fashion Optical, ranging from annual to semi-annual checkups, depending on other eye health and age issues in a patient's medical history.
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