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The Importance of an Annual Contact Eye Exam

Contact Eye Exam, Best Contact Lenses & Best Contacts Eye Health with an Optometrist

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After an initial contact eye exam, contact lens wearers should schedule a comprehensive eye exam each year so an optometrist can evaluate the health of their eyes on a regular basis. Being able to wear contacts is a wonderful thing, but eye health shouldn't be taken for granted. Improper use of contact lenses, whether wearing them too many hours in a day, wearing them beyond their expiration dates, or neglecting proper cleansing and care, could lead to vision problems or serious eye health issues. Always have the best contact lenses for your eyes and lifestyle by visiting your eye doctor at Cohen's Fashion Optical each year for an annual eye exam.

First time contacts wearers are monitored for eye health right after initial contact eye exams to make sure they have the proper fit and vision, along with healthy eyes. But once you wear contacts regularly, it's up to you to visit your optometrist each year, and any time you notice a vision or eye health problem. Not only are contact lenses prescriptions only valid for one year, but various factors can also affect your contacts or vision during contact lens wear. And if your eye care regimen changes, you wear contacts longer than advised, or you experience vision problems, eye health issues could go unnoticed until an eye doctor is able to evaluate your eyes.

A common problem of contact lenses is that they can hinder the amount of oxygen your eyes receive if worn improperly. Even the best contacts can cause damage to the cornea over time if worn longer than recommended, as lack of oxygen can cause blood vessels to grow into the cornea, which can lead to permanent vision problems over time. Dirty contact lenses or contacts that fit improperly can even cause corneal abrasions. Wearing contact lenses while you sleep also puts you at a higher risk of corneal ulcers that cause vision problems, and need to be treated quickly to avoid any possible permanent vision loss. Anytime you have vision problems, redness, pain or irritation caused by your contacts, come into Cohen's Fashion Optical right away to see your eye doctor.

Even with healthy eyes, contact eye exams each year are a must, so your eye doctor can evaluate your current contact lenses and check your eye health. During an annual eye exam, ask your optometrist any questions about contact lens wear, and your optometrist will also inform you of new innovations in daily wear contacts, extended wear lenses and disposable contact lenses. Encourage eye health by cleaning your contacts properly, never wearing them longer than advised and by rotating wear with eyeglasses when you can. Even though contacts are usually more freeing and comfortable than eyeglasses, you'll always want to put the health of your eyes first, and visit your optometrist on an annual basis.
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