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Use Celebrities with Glasses as Fashion Accessory Inspiration

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Celebrities with glasses inspire today's eyewear trends, and transitioning these looks into everyday wearable fashion is a skill that can be mastered. When you see celebrities in glasses like Cazal sunglasses or Calvin Klein glasses for everyday wear, turn to the staff at Cohen's Fashion Optical to help you emulate that famous look. Using designer eyeglasses as an accessory has been a fashion trend for ages, such as the character-defining full-rim glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter or the famous sunglasses with cat eye frames made famous by fashion icons like Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly. Swing by our store and allow our friendly stylists to show you how to transition celebrity-inspired eyewear fashion into a look you can pull off in your everyday ensembles.

Look like celebrities with glasses by selecting a popular designer brand to boost your fashion know-how. Celebrities in glasses often are seen wearing popular eyeglasses in exclusive brands. Browse our designer eyeglasses for everyday wear, such as our designer glasses that feature brand-specific details that can't be missed, such as the metal “T” decoration or a subtle front cross detail. Our designer frames also are available in famous sunglasses brands, which speak to your diva love of fashion or sports.

When you see celebrities with glasses, you'll often notice that their other accessories always match their trendy glasses. Celebrities in glasses often have the luxury of purchasing more than one frame type and color, giving them diversity for different outfits and settings. The designer eyeglasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical are versatile so often the designer eyewear complements many outfits. Or purchase multiple affordable designer frames for different occasions just like celebrities, going with sleek full-rim frame for evening outings or formal affairs and a bolder horn rim frame for an afternoon at the movies or a date night at the pub.

When choosing celebrities with glasses to emulate, you'll want to choose carefully. When copying celebrities in glasses, you'll want to find a celebrity whose style you admire, and then find similar eyewear that matches your personality. For example, choose designer eyeglasses in a retro frame, such as cat eye or horn rim frames, to match celebrity eyewear trends with your love of vintage chic fashion. Our stylists will recommend designer frames that match your personality as well as your face shape and other important factors so you'll love wearing your glasses to classes, to the gym and the red carpet, of course.
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