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Celebrities with Glasses Inspire Current Eyewear Trends

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Celebrities and politicians with glasses have been inspiring eyewear trends for hundreds of years. In fact, celebrities in glasses have popularized past and present trendy glasses, from scissor spectacles, made famous in the 1700s in part by U.S. president George Washington, to tortoiseshell spectacles that gained popularity from Hollywood icons in the 1900s. Today, designer eyeglasses are seen on celebrities everywhere, from the covers of gossip magazines to the front page of online news sites. You'll find designer frames that help you look like the iconic trendsetters at Cohen's Fashion Optical.

Celebrities with glasses, of course, often set today's eyewear trends. Celebrities in glasses from memorable movie scenes make everyone want to emulate that cool look, such as a sleek pair of aviators that make you look as cool as Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Designer eyeglasses on celebrities in their everyday life also inspire trends such as cat eye frames sported by divas like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. We offer designer frames that mimic celebrity-inspired trendy eyeglasses in a variety of leading brands. Some of our eyewear includes Nike sunglasses, Cazal sunglasses or Calvin Klein glasses for everyday wear.

Mimicking celebrities with glasses can be easy with a stylist from Cohen's Fashion Optical. With their help look like celebrities in glasses, making sure your eyewear enhances your style, whether you choose Prada eyeglasses, Tom Ford glasses or trendy sunglasses to master that celebrity cool. Our stylists recommend designer eyeglasses that work with your fashion likes and dislikes, such as neutral rimless frames for an individual who favors bold outfit choices or perhaps colorful full-rim frames for those seeking a pop of color to their otherwise mundane wardrobe rotation. When seeking designer frames, trust our stylists to recommend a celebrity-inspired trend that won't clash with your everyday outfit and non-A-list fashion budget.

Often times, celebrities with glasses choose trendy eyeglasses that complement their natural features. For example, celebrities in glasses with a rimless frame might offer a barely there look that makes an aging celebrity look a little younger. When you're looking for designer eyeglasses like the celebrities, turn to our expert stylists to recommend the best trendy glasses for your features. Our stylists will recommend designer frames that complement your natural features, such as skin tone and face shape, as well as your personality, to find popular eyeglasses that match your needs.
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