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Prescription sunglasses, available in a variety of styles at Cohen Fashion Optical, provide protection for your eyes year-round. And don't forgo the best sunglasses and opt for sun protection in the form of floppy wide-brimmed hats or baseball caps instead, because these accessories only block about 50 percent of UV rays. Instead, designer sunglasses, including prescription sunglasses with broad-range UV protection, are your best defense against sun damage. Prescription sunglasses and polarized sunglasses help protect eyes from cataracts and also defend against photokeratitis, also known as snow blindness, which is a sunburn of the eye's surface.

Your prescription sunglasses are not only valuable for correcting vision, but they also protect eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Polarized sunglasses and regular sunglasses protect the delicate skin around your eyes from UVA rays that can cause premature aging. The best sunglasses though, protect against UVA, UVB rays and blue-light, extended exposure to the latter being linked to macular degeneration later in life. Designer glasses have come a long way, now providing sun protection that is lightweight and durable, with styles suitable for the most discerning fashionista or serious athlete.

Pick up prescription sunglasses specifically suited to you, with an incredible selection of designer sunglasses to choose from. Know that the best sunglasses are those that correct your vision, protect your eyes and suit your lifestyle.

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Invest in prescription sunglasses when you want a flattering fashion accessory that also provides optimal sun protection.

Investing in prescription sunglasses, like those available at Cohen's Fashion Optical, demonstrates that you are committed to eye health and preventing serious eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration in the future. The best sunglasses are not only those that flatter your features, complement your wardrobe or offer sun protection on the beach, they are also the ones that guarantee UV and blue-light protection, 365 days a year. Invest in quality designer sunglasses instead of hastily donning sunglasses left on the dash of your car when it is bright out. Purchasing quality polarized sunglasses and other sunglasses for year-round use is an important commitment to your vision.

When purchasing designer glasses, people automatically think about sunny days on the beach, maybe even coordinating their men's or women's sunglasses to their beachwear. But the best sunglasses not only protect on hot, sunny days, but also when it is slightly overcast and on cold winter days. Try polarized glasses that limit eye damage year-round, offering protection from blue-light, which can cause eye damage and macular degeneration. Consider prescription sunglasses that are customized to you, not only correcting your vision but also helping to prevent eye problems in the future.

Make designer sunglasses, which are available in a variety of styles at Cohen's Fashion Optical, part of your daily routine. Play sports with prescription sunglasses that allow you to see the action on the field while helping to prevent eye damage. Try polarized glasses for driving or if you spend a lot of time on the water or skiing, as they reduce glare in addition to offering blue-light protection. When it's overcast, the best sunglasses can protect your eyes without casting the world around you into darkness – sunglasses don't have to be dark and opaque to offer UV and blue-light protection.

When you purchase designer sunglasses for year-round use, don't forget about the kids in your family. Adults often wear the best sunglasses, but forget children aren't immune to the effects of UV rays, and kids sunglasses aren't simply a cute novelty. Quality prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses are crucial for kids, too, as they're a key part of eye health for every age, and the best tool to minimize the chance of future eye problems. If we start wearing polarized sunglasses and other sunglasses at an early age, during all seasons, eye damage is less likely.
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