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Vision Development in Children & Childhood Vision Problems

Eye Problems for Kids, Eye Exam for Kids & Vision Problems in Toddlers

Planning for proper vision development in children involves more than just careful monitoring. Eye problems for kids sometimes cannot be diagnosed by the careful eye of a parent or caregiver, which is why regular check-ups are crucial. Vision problems in toddlers may be diagnosed at Cohen's Fashion Optical, where our licensed optometrists will check your child for common eye issues many parents overlook. For example, childhood vision problems like a lazy eye may be recognized by a caregiver, but a less common home diagnosis could be nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Healthy vision development in children leads to many positive outcomes. Undiagnosed eye problems for kids, such as astigmatisms or uneven vision, may lead to learning delays. Fortunately, vision problems in toddlers often can be identified through simple steps by caregivers. Avoid serious childhood vision problems through regular check-ups and early interventions.

Learn how vision development in children is aided by simple steps taken by parents. Additionally, eye problems for kids always should be diagnosed by a licensed professional.

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Aid vision development in children by following simple steps and scheduling an eye exam for your kids.

Improving vision development in children may be easier than you think. First, recognize that eye problems for kids often start with an at-home diagnosis. For example, vision problems in toddlers often are identified through common at-home activities such as reading, playing catch, or fine motor skills practice such as stacking blocks or picking up small objects. Should signs for childhood vision problems arise, stop by Cohen's Fashion Optical for a thorough exam with a licensed professional who is experienced with treating toddlers.

When vision development in children seems normal, it's still important to schedule routine check-ups, not only to diagnosis missed issues, but also to instill in the child a healthy vision routine for the future. To diagnosis overlooked eye problems for kid, the American Optometric Association recommends that eye exams for kids are performed for the first time between 6 and 12 months. Undiagnosed vision problems in toddlers often leads to learning delays, mainly because, according to the AOA, nearly 80 percent of learning occurs through a child’s eyes. Many childhood vision problems, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, are addressed in our office, with fun corrective eyeglasses for kids.

Part of healthy vision development in children involves your child engaging in the eye exam. While eye problems for kids under the age of 2 often have to be diagnosed without the assistance of the child, older toddlers are a helpful part of the eye exam. Whether signs of vision problems in toddlers are present or not, make your child's experience fun by preparing him or her for the appointment and making the process fun. For example, if childhood vision problems such as nearsightedness are diagnosed in your child, at Cohen's Fashion Optical, we make the process of selecting corrective eyeglasses fun for toddlers with exciting eyeglass frames to choose from.

When it comes to vision development in children, we take our job seriously. From common eye problems for kids, such as uneven vision, to rarer diagnoses, we take the time to help you understand what is going on with your child's vision development. When vision problems in toddlers occur, we have the corrective eyeglasses and fun frames your child needs to not only see well, but also to feel comfortable with his or her new look. Address your childhood vision problems and concerns at our office, where our friendly staff will take the time to address your questions and direct you to a fun selection of eyeglasses your child will love.
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