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Aging Eyes, Eye Problems in Elderly Adults & Degenerative Eye Disease

Eye Problems of the Elderly, Eye Diseases, Cataract Symptoms & Degenerative Eye Disease

Examinations for aging eyes require a few brief tests at Cohen's Fashion Optical where knowledgeable eye doctors provide thorough exams. As we get older, eye diseases become more likely, and the optometrists take special care to ensure your eyes are healthy. They can detect common eye problems in adults such as degenerative eye disease and can determine cataract symptoms with a few questions about your vision. Specializing in eye problems of the elderly, the optometrists are also helpful in finding the correct eyewear for maintaining vision for older patients.

With aging eyes, there can be diminished vision and also the increased risk for diseases of the eye, both serious and minor. Learn more about eye diseases and the warning signs to look for, including cataract symptoms and indications of degenerative eye disease. Eye problems in adults can also be less serious, such as dry eye and tearing. Such eye problems of the elderly are easily treated by trained physicians.

Common symptoms of aging eyes include seeing floaters, which are not serious. Many eye diseases however may not have tell-tale symptoms and many eye problems in adults can go untreated without an exam.

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Your aging eyes may require more frequent visits to the eye doctor.

With aging eyes comes the need for more intensive testing by eye doctors, a Cohen's Fashion Optical specialty. First, optometrists test for eye diseases such as glaucoma and degenerative eye disease. Other eye problems in adults may require only eye drops, which your optometrist will prescribe. Also many eye problems of the elderly related to reduced vision have special tests and special optical lenses that are easily prescribed to aid the condition.

However, when aging eyes begin to show cataract symptoms, the eye doctor will need to review your options. Once eye diseases like cataracts have been diagnosed, surgery is the most common treatment if the eye disease is causing loss of sight. Sometimes, though, eye problems for adults with slow progressing cataracts can be helped by other means such as brighter lighting and anti-glare sunglasses. Such common eye problems of the elderly are easily detected during routine eye exams.

Your aging eyes also means vision changes with age, such as blurriness that the optometrists at Cohen's Fashion Optical can help improve with a new eyeglass prescription. Though some eye diseases can cause this condition, in many instances it is simply one of the many signs of aging eyes among seniors. Other eye problems in adults such as tearing can also cause blurred vision. Optometrists may treat these eye problems of the elderly with warm compresses or medication.

Aging eyes that can't tear or are persistently dry cans also an annoyance for seniors. Some eye diseases such as pink eye infections also cause dryness and people with arthritis and diabetes are more susceptible to this condition. Dry eye problems in adults who do not have these health issues will most likely be treated with recommended over-the-counter medications. These eye problems in the elderly can also be treated with lid massages or eyelid cleaners.
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