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Eye Conditions in Adults & Middle Age Eyesight

Eye Health and Age, Common Eye Problems in Adults & Middle Age

The common eye problems seen by Cohen's Fashion Optical optometrists can be typical vision changes with age or more serious eye issues. Telltale eye conditions in adults may include symptoms such as floaters and flashes or distorted vision. Such signs in middle age eyesight may indicate diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts. Other common eye problems in adults may relate to overall health conditions such as diabetes.

Other common eye problems in adults are less critical and may involve changes in eyeglass prescriptions or the need for other types of lenses. Usual eye conditions in adults include increased difficulty in reading and may require a reading eyeglass prescription. Often middle age eyesight comes with sensitivity to glare, requiring prescription sunglasses. Other common eye problems in adults include changing color perception, which can occur as adults near the age of 60.

Optometrists may help common eye problems during an eye exam. Many eye conditions in adults are discovered through simple eye tests.

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Ignoring common eye problems like eye strain can lead to headaches and fatigue.

Some of the common eye problems identified by Cohens Fashion Optical optometrists include difficulty seeing while driving at night. Often symptoms of eye conditions in adults include sensitivity to car headlights, especially with the absence of ambient streetlight. With middle age eyesight, comes the need for eyeglasses that reduce glare, even at night. Many common eye problems in adults like nightblindness can be resolved with an adjustment to their eyeglass prescription.

Other common eye problems include reading fine print in documents. Indicators of eye conditions in adults include the need to squint while reading any written words on a page. A solution to this middle age eye sight issue is often accurate reading glasses that make small print clearer. Another answer to common eye problems in adults is bifocals or progressive lenses, allowing older individuals to easily read smaller text without switching eyeglasses.
Many adults experience common eye problems like reduced tear production as they get older, which Cohen Fashion Optical eye doctors address with medication. The eye condition in adults may lead to persistent dry eyes and is treated with eye drops, either over-the-counter or with a prescription. With middle age eyesight, dry eyes may become even more apparent during allergy season or in dry climates. Eye doctors look for common eye problems in adults with every exam to determine how changes in eye health with age can be treated.

When common eye problems occur while working on a computer, like eye strain, an eye doctor can offer simple solutions. Often eye conditions in adults make it more difficult to see the text on computer screens. Optical lenses for middle age eyesight help older adults clearly see what’s on their monitor, minimizing squinting or needing to move closer to the screen. Eye doctors easily treat common eye problems in adults when patients mention that computer use causes headaches, eye pain or dizziness.
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