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Stop taking chances with eye health and learn all about early adult eye problems and the best eyeglasses for adults ages 19 to 40 at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. You’ll understand what vision changes are common in adults your age and how to recognize them as early as possible. Uncover how to keep healthy eyes healthy with tips on selecting the best eyewear for your vision problems and lifestyle. Not only will your eye problems be corrected quicker with a better knowledge of personal eye care, but you’ll also get advice about choosing the styles that fit and look best with your face shape.

To better preserve your eye health as an adult, choose eyewear that fits within your lifestyle, allowing you to adopt it seamlessly. Because your vision changes over time, it’s important to recognize the early warning signs of vision problems and know what to look for. Maintaining healthy eyes demands that you protect your eyes by correcting your vision as early as you can with the proper eyewear for your specific vision problems. Once potential eye problems are recognized, get an eye exam as soon as possible with one of our experienced optometrists.

Discover eye health and eyewear tips for adults ages 19 to 40 to help you better protect your healthy eyes as well as find the best-fitting, best-feeling and best-looking eyeglasses available. From how to notice vision changes to picking stylish, on-trend eyewear that you’ll be eager to put on, we have the information you need.

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Tap into expertise in eye health, and keep your eyes healthy even when adjusting to new eyeglass frames and lenses.

Eye health is always changing so for adults ages 19 to 40, it's important to see your optometrist for regular eye exams that not only might result in a new prescription but also spot any other vision problems. Knowing common vision changes in younger adults and the tips to reduce your risk of deteriorating vision at Cohen’s Fashion Optical helps you take control of the health of your eyes. With confirmation of healthy eyes other than vision correction, you can focus on the best eyewear for you, and our stylists can help find the right pair of glasses to fit your face and your lifestyle. Eye problems don’t need to affect all areas of your life, so let our stylists show you eyeglasses that not only blend in with your style but enhance it.

When discussing eye health, start with preventative measures to keep your eyes healthy and decrease your chances for vision problems. Avoiding vision changes is difficult or even impossible for many, but the best way to decrease your chances of eye problems is to adopt a balanced diet, including foods that are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Another way to maintain healthy eyes is to keep a healthy body through exercise, which enhances blood circulation and oxygen levels to the eyes. Avoiding eye problems also means avoiding smoking and direct sunlight, harmful UV light that a pair of sunglasses helps to protect against.

If you notice your eye health is deteriorating and you need eyeglasses from Cohen’s Fashion Optical, that doesn’t mean that your entire lifestyle needs to change. Even as an athlete, vision changes simply mean wearing contacts or finding glasses that stay on your face during activity. Maintaining healthy eyes for those who spend a lot of time in the sunlight demands prescription sunglasses. Eye problems also don't have to interfere with rough-and-tumble jobs, with sturdy frame material choices like stainless steel, other durable metals and plastics to hold up to life's demands.

In the past, poor eye health often meant eyeglasses that would hinder style, but that’s not the case anymore with eyeglasses that improve fashion. After you’ve addressed your vision changes with our optometrists, our stylists help you pick a frame design that blends with your fashion sense or maybe you take this chance to makeover your style and choose a frame that suits who you want to become. Stop looking back at healthy eyes without glasses because on-trend eyeglasses bring out the best features in your face, your hair and your clothes by matching, accenting or contrasting styles in ways that only eyeglasses can. While eye problems are concerning and need to be dealt with, we make the best of the situation by turning vision problems into fashion solutions.
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