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Newborn Eyesight & Baby Eyesight Development

Visual Development in Babies Infant Eye Care & Baby Vision Development

Get help with newborn eyesight issues that may be a difficult topic for parents to understand because newborn children cannot tell you what's wrong. Explaining baby eyesight is a specialty at Cohen's Fashion Optical, where we take the time to address all questions related to your child's eye health and age. We understand that baby vision development starts at an early age, which is why our staff helps you understand the signs and symptoms of abnormal vision development in babies. Working together, your infant eye care concerns will be addressed in a professional manner, ensuring you understand how your child's vision correction plan works now, and in the future.

Understanding newborn eyesight is an important first step to ensuring healthy eyes for a lifetime. Baby eyesight is so important because, as the American Optometric Association estimates, up to 80 percent of learning occurs through a child’s eyes. Therefore, healthy baby vision development plays a large role in helping your child meet his or her developmental milestones. Developing proper infant eye care routines at an early age helps children not only meet their developmental milestones, but also fosters proper eye care regiments as they grow.

Addressing newborn eyesight at an early age is crucial for healthy development. Learn baby eyesight symptoms and treat your children to a firm understanding of proper optical care.

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Learn how understanding newborn eyesight development helps your child head down a healthy developmental path.

There are several newborn eyesight signs parents should learn in an effort to ensure their child's vision is developing properly. Baby eyesight issues often are recognized first by parents, who notice something isn't right with their child's vision behavior. Baby vision development warning signs include excessive blinking, constant eye rubbing, extreme light sensitivity, chronic redness or tearing of the eyes, and tilting the head to one side while looking at something. If you think your infant eye care routine needs addressing, stop by Cohen's Fashion Optical, where our staff will address your concerns.

Newborn eyesight should be checked for the first time between 6 and 12 months old, according to the American Optometric Association. After that, baby eyesight should be monitored again at three-years-old and then it's good practice to have an eye exam every year before school starts. Healthy baby vision development is crucial for achieving common milestones such as staking blocks, learning to feed, and recognizing shapes, colors and numbers. Our infant eye care exam checks your child for common vision concerns, ensuring that any issue is addressed properly and your child continues to excel at achieving his or her milestones.

A newborn eyesight exam at Cohen's Fashion Optical is performed by a certified ophthalmologist who is experienced with treating young children. Baby eyesight is checked through a few different methods, including a family history questionnaire, a light test to monitor pupils, eye movement test and a light reaction test. When baby vision development is deemed normal, no further action is required. However, infant eye care still remains a priority, and as such, items like protective sunglasses and future wellness exams should be planned for.

When the newborn eyesight exam reveals that your child's eyesight is not normal, simple corrective actions will be taken. After the baby eyesight exam, you'll browse our age-appropriate eyewear selection that addresses your child's vision problems. Baby vision development issues could be as simple as nearsightedness or farsightedness, and may be corrected with adorable baby eyeglasses. We make infant eye care a simple process for the parent and child, with a wide selection of child-friendly eyeglass lenses should correction be needed.
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