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One pair of prescription eyeglasses from Cohen’s Fashion Optical isn't enough for all the ways you enjoy your life. Select glasses for sports featuring impact-resistant lenses and wraparound frames, whether for cycling or a pickup game of basketball. Your glasses for work, however, need a different, more sophisticated look. See all the designer eyeglasses available at an affordable price. Eyeglasses include everything from Prada to Gucci to get frames for work and play.

Personalize your prescription eyeglasses to fit your vision needs as well. Your glasses for sports feature precise single vision lenses so you see with crystal clarity while playing softball with friends. And your glasses for work may feature progressive lenses for intensive computer use. For every need, designer eyeglasses include frame styles to fit your face shape and eye color.

Wear one pair of prescription eyeglasses for going out. Switch to glasses for sports to play soccer with the kids.

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Keep your prescription eyeglasses in different colored cases, so you know in a glance which glasses to grab.

The variety of affordable prescription eyeglasses available at Cohen’s Fashion Optical lets you switch up your eyeglass needs in moments. Put on glasses for sports, whether they are glasses for working out in the gym or going for a jog. At the office, glasses for work may require a different prescription for seeing all the faces at the back of the conference room or reading fine print. And with designer eyeglasses, every frame selection is fashionable, so you look your best on the golf course or at your desk.

Pick out prescription eyeglasses in different materials to fit your needs, from durable to refined. A pair of glasses for sports provides strength like Monel frames, which are also malleable and corrosion-resistant. And glasses for work can include lightweight stainless steel frame look to fit the modern office. Try designer eyeglasses made from plastic to wood as well to show your distinctive personality.

Check out prescription eyeglasses at Cohen’s Fashion Optical and choose from countless color options. Your glasses for sports express your passion with jazzy red or winning gold. Put on glasses for work that present your professional side in subdued shades of gray and brown. The spectrum of designer eyeglasses includes frames in bold and dazzling colors for all your lifestyle activities.

Select diverse styles of prescription eyeglasses that express your look in different ways, taking you from classic to casual, by slipping on your specs. Show off eyeglasses for sports with prescription goggles that protect your eyes with fashion sense. And glasses for work come in trendy looks that will turn heads at the office. Also get designer eyeglasses and designer sunglasses for expressing your style at social events from informal get-togethers to wild weekend parties.
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