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Getting an annual eye exam is one of the most important things you can do for your eye health. A yearly eye test not only ensures you'll receive the most current eyeglasses or contact lenses prescription for clear vision, but it also helps to prevent many future vision problems or discover any underlying health issues. We offer vision tests for both children and adults at Cohen's Fashion Optical, and staff caring optometrists and friendly eyeglasses stylists at our eye care centers. And when visiting for annual contact eye exams, our eye doctors let you know about the latest innovations in daily and extended-wear contact lenses.

An annual eye exam, or at least an exam every other year, conducted by one of our experienced eye doctors is recommended for school-age children. Even though a yearly eye test may be offered by the child's school, a comprehensive eye exam involving specialized equipment can identify any serious eye problems. And a yearly vision test is necessary for anyone who has diabetes or another chronic health issue such as hypertension or allergies. Easily schedule an annual contact eye exam at one of our professional eye care centers by selecting an appointment online at our website, and choose a time that suits your schedule.

Set up an annual eye exam for the same time every year. Outside a yearly eye test, always contact your eye care center if you experience sudden eye pain, light flashes, blurriness or changes in vision.

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At your annual eye exam, ask your eye doctor about new innovations available to help correct vision.

Scheduling a comprehensive annual eye exam at Cohen's Fashion Optical is the right step towards continued eye health. Having yearly eye tests helps you maintain clear vision, especially if you wear eyeglasses and your vision hasn't stabilized yet. An annual vision test is recommended for everyone though, as even if you don't require prescription eyeglasses, an optometrist can detect any underlying eye problems or other health issues. Contacts wearers need an annual contact eye exam, as contact lens prescriptions are only valid one year, and because improper use of contacts can lead to eye health issues.

An annual eye exam allows an eye doctor to determine a current vision prescription for you, and gives you a chance to ask questions about any recent vision problems such as red eyes or blurry vision. A yearly eye test can even reveal underlying health issues that don't cause symptoms, and gives your optometrist the chance to recommend preventative measures early on. For children, vision tests beyond those provided by schools are important, as a certified optometrist provides more thorough examination and testing, and can help treat early eye problems that could develop into future vision problems. And annual contact eye exams are a must for those who wear contacts, to ensure contact lenses provide the proper fit and are allowing enough oxygen to reach the cornea.

During an annual eye exam at Cohen's Fashion Optical, optometrists evaluate overall eye health and clarity of vision through a series of standard tests. A yearly eye test will typically involve measuring how well you see at a distance and close up, along with a check of your peripheral vision. Eye doctors use specialized vision test equipment to look into the interior of your eye also, to examine the health of your cornea, retina and other parts of your eye. In an annual contact eye exam, your optometrist will also measure your eyes, and look for changes like astigmatism that could affect the type of contact lenses you wear.

Not only does an annual eye exam help to correct, monitor and prevent vision problems, but a yearly eye test also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the latest innovations in optical lenses, contact lenses and eyeglass frames. During a yearly eye test, ask your eye doctor about progressive lenses if you've previously worn bifocal lenses. Or after a vision test, get recommendations for the best types of lenses, such as adaptive lenses, to get for prescription eyeglasses. And during an annual contact eye exam, you may even want to get trial lenses for disposable lenses, or contact lenses featuring cool fashion colors.
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