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Providing the best designer eyeglasses that make you look, see and feel better is what Cohen's Fashion Optical is all about. From wayfarer prescription sunglasses to rimless eyeglass frames with progressive lenses, we carry a large variety of eyeglass frames in popular styles, shapes, colors and materials. Eyeglass styles have changed quite a bit over the last century, and we offer the newest designs from all your favorite designer brands. And if you prefer prescription eyewear reminiscent of prescription glasses of the 30s, 40s or even 80s, we offer fashionable vintage-inspired eyeglass frames, too.

It's easy to find designer eyeglasses that suit your taste in fashion, or that serve a specific function, whether you need durable eyeglass frames for sports or lightweight reading glasses for the office. Our stylists recommend prescription sunglasses frames or prescription eyeglass frames based your and your lifestyle, your personality and your features. We have suitable eyeglass styles for toddlers, college students, fashionistas and seniors, including eyeglass frames that make older customers appear more youthful and hip, along with eyeglass frames that help young customers look older and more professional. Whenever you need prescription eyewear to correct your vision, or want cool sunglass frames for fun and eye protection, we have the best styles from the most popular designer brands.

Change your look in designer eyeglasses featuring bright patterns or bold shapes that bring out your eyes. Or choose prescription sunglasses in dark shades if you're a little camera shy.

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Grab stylish designer eyeglasses for everyone in the family – from little tykes to seniors.

Designer eyeglasses offer a way to boost your appearance while improving your vision. Prescription sunglasses offer essential UV protection while also enhancing your style. Historically, eyeglass styles may not have offered much in the way of fashion, but today at Cohen's Fashion Optical, we have a huge selection of eyeglass frames in modern shapes, styles, colors and materials. We want your prescription eyewear to flatter your appearance and suit your lifestyle, so you see, feel and look better.

We carry designer eyeglasses frames from all the best brands, ranging from retro looks to chic designs. Choose frames for prescription sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses with the help of our experienced stylists who know how to select the ideal frames for your features. Stylists understand which eyeglass styles and shapes complement square, oval, circle and heart-shaped faces, and recommend the best frame colors and patterns to enhance your hair color and skin tone. And if you want prescription eyewear to hide crow's feet or boost your eye color, our stylists know the right frame sizes and colors to do that.

Look for designer eyeglasses to suit all aspects of your lifestyle, from finding sleek, sophisticated semi-rimless frames for the office, to choosing oversized rectangular frames in a bright shade of blue or red for after-hours fun. Try prescription sunglasses in vintage-inspired styles like wayfarers, aviators or Clubmasters to rock a retro look. Or look for chic eyeglass styles in circular designs or slim, rectangular styles, with cool accents like leather, wood or gemstone accents. Prescription eyewear is never boring at Cohen's Fashion Optical, where we provide fashion at a value.

Get new designer eyeglasses every season to boost your look, or to try a color or shape you've never worn before. Pick up both prescription sunglasses and prescription glasses with fun animal print designs, or pair metallic eyeglass frames with polarized adaptive lenses that provide UV protection when you step outside. Enjoy wearing different eyeglass styles even when you don't need vision correction – colorful cat eyes with crystal accents are fun to wear to parties and oversized black or brown frames are classics that look stylish from the office to the nightclub. Whether you need prescription eyewear or just want to have fun in fashionable eyeglass frames, we provide the high-quality style you want in eyeglass frames.