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Finding designer glasses for women is easy at Cohen's Fashion Optical where we carry a wide selection of designer brands for ladies, and men, too. We have stylish glasses for men, such as durable plastic frames great for adult athletes, or progressive lenses appropriate for senior women wanting to make the change from bifocals. Maintain summer style with prescription sunglasses for men and women, such as aviator sunglasses that offer that summertime cool look. Find the ideal eyeglasses with the help of our friendly stylists ready to assist in your eyewear selection.

When shopping for designer glasses for women, you'll find the latest fashion trends. Additionally, our glasses for men include stylish choices. We carry prescription sunglasses, designer reading glasses and sleek eyeglass frames in a variety of shapes, styles and colors to suit every customer who walks through our doors. Look for eyeglasses frames in unique styles, such as cat eye chic or sophisticated rounds, all designed with innovative metals, plastics or other quality materials.

Designer glasses for women make a sophisticated fashion statement in any environment. Likewise, glasses for men must include lifestyle-ready features.

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Select designer glasses for women and men that are suitable for every activity.

Work or play, designer glasses for women and men are our specialty at Cohen's Fashion Optical. For customers seeking glasses for men, we offer an impressive selection of business-ready and active wear eyeglasses. For example, prescription sunglasses in a classic Clubmaster style are a smart choice for outdoor athletes looking for eye protection. Our stylists recommend eyeglasses suitable for the office, such as our barely-there rimless frames, designed for a classic look that professionals love.

Consider designer glasses for women when you want functional yet stylish accessories in the form of eyewear. In addition to our glasses for men, women's high-end eyeglass frames make a fashion statement with nearly any outfit, such as cat-eye frames that offer a healthy dose of retro to your style. Select prescription sunglasses and retire your old clip-ons, for a more fashion-forward take on eye protection. For women looking for eyeglasses that make a statement, our stylists are here to help you find flattering frames that complement your features and lifestyle.

Designer glasses for women and men make a smart choice for the workforce, where sophistication and function never can be mutually exclusive. When looking for glasses for men or women in the workplace, consider factors like daily activities and length of use. For example, prescription sunglasses in a stylish wayfarer design might suit an outdoor worker such as a lifeguard or gardener, while lightweight rimless frames are a favorite of office workers who work long hours and need eyewear that carries throughout the day. Browse eyeglasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical that make a fashion statement in the office, and that also fit your activity level for the most comfort and style in daily eyewear.

Step out in designer glasses for women and men that cater to your fun time. Choose glasses for men and women that speak to you, such as reading glasses that assist with your close-work projects like sewing and artwork. Prescription sunglasses are a must-have for the athletic, outdoors-type, offering flexibility to enjoy activities like sand volleyball or golf without fear of eye damage from the sun. When seeking eyeglasses for adults, turn to our dedicated stylists to get recommendations for glasses frames based on your fashion sense and lifestyle needs.
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