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At our neighborhood eye care centers, Cohen's Fashion Optical's optometrists and associates are dedicated to helping you see, look and feel better. We promote eye health by offering convenient, comprehensive eye exams for children and adults, and by providing vital information you need to enjoy clear vision and healthy eyes. An annual eye exam is recommended for most people, so our eye doctors can perform vision tests to check for any changes in your vision, along with tests to uncover any vision problems that could lead to eye diseases. We provide eye tests for everyone from toddlers to grandparents, and make your eye health our number one priority.

As eye care professionals, we encourage everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle for healthy eyes, and offer insight into why yearly vision tests are so important and how things like healthy diets and sun protection are vital for your eyes. Eye health can be compromised if vision problems go unnoticed or if you don't wear proper eye protection while working certain jobs or when playing sports. Come in for regular eye exams, and ask our optometrists about vision care tips, any change in vision or sudden vision problems. We make eye test procedures and choosing eyeglasses and contacts easy, and offer a large array of eyewear to suit your lifestyle.

Good eye care starts with regular eye exams. Even if your eye health and vision seems fine, come in for annual vision tests that can determine any underlying vision problems.

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Make proper eye care a priority to enjoy healthy vision for a lifetime.

Proper eye care is vital to maintaining clear vision and healthy eyes throughout your life. Your partner in eye health, Cohen's Fashion Optical is committed to providing the best vision care to help our customers enjoy healthy eyesight. Regular eye exams are key in maintaining good eye health, and our eye doctor's offer caring, comprehensive vision care appointments to determine any necessary vision correction, along with conducting screening tests for any underlying vision problems. Our optometrists also perform eye tests to check for symptoms of eye diseases like glaucoma or cataracts, and can also detect signs of other diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

For children, good eye care starts as early as six months of age for a basic vision care checkup, and parents are encouraged to bring their kids to an optometrist when the youngsters are three years old. Eye health screenings for children are especially important before kids start school, to help correct any type of vision problems that could hinder learning or everyday activities. Throughout life, eye exams are recommended on an annual basis, which is especially important for those who wear contact lenses, to make sure eyes are healthy and the corneas are receiving proper oxygen. Over 40? An eye test will help determine if presbyopia is setting in (a common condition of difficulty seeing up close that affects most everyone as they age), and once adults reach 60, regular vision care exams are recommended due to an increased risk of developing eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

Personal eye care is just as important as scheduling regular visits to your optometrist at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Everyone should approach eye health the same way they approach other aspects of physical well-being, by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Beyond eye exams, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps maintain healthy eyes, especially ones that includes dark leafy greens, and even omega-3-rich seafood such as salmon, halibut and tuna. Also, give healthy eyes a rest when you spend a significant amount of time doing computer work or working up close with your hands – take a break from work every 20 minutes, and focus on an object at least 20 feet away to help reduce fatigue and eye strain.

Practice eye care protection every day to guard your eyes from potential vision problems. For optimum eye health, both children and adults should wear sunglasses or prescription sunglasses whenever outside to shield eyes from UV rays and to help protect the delicate skin around the eyes. During an eye exam, ask your eye doctor about protective eyewear like wraparound eyeglasses if you or your children play sports. In the workplace, an eye exam shouldn't be necessary to receive proper eye protection from employers when your job involves working around projectiles, radiation, chemicals or pathogens that could potentially damage your eyes. And come in for an eye test or consultation at our eye care center any time you have a sudden change in vision, experience eye pain or unexplained redness, or have any other concerns about your eye health.