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Having a routine eye exam is important to maintain clear vision and to diagnose any potential eye problems. Standard eye tests performed by a certified optometrist determine the proper eyeglasses prescription to correct any nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Other vision tests, like those performed at Cohen's Fashion Optical, can include tests to check for early signs of eye disease, and even tests to determine overall health. And a contact eye exam is essential for those trying contact lenses for the first time, and subsequent annual checkups are essential to make sure eyes remain healthy while wearing contacts.

An eye exam is the ideal time to talk to your eye doctor about any concerns you have about eye health. Optometrists can conduct initial eye exams for young children, eye tests for color blindness in teens and glaucoma tests for older adults. After an eye injury, a vision test is essential to diagnose any potential vision problems and to recommend tips on healing. And always have a contact eye exam or regular eye exam whenever you experience vision problems like sudden blurry vision, flashes or spots, or prolonged dry eyes.

Get an eye exam any time you have vision changes, eye pain or want to switch to contact lenses. Annual eye tests are recommended even if you have good vision and no history of eye disease.

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A routine eye exam is one of the best ways to maintain eye health.

Scheduling a yearly eye exam is important whether or not you experience any changes in vision or eye health. You may only want eye tests to determine whether your prescription for everyday glasses or prescription sunglasses has changed, but a comprehensive eye care exam might reveal underlying vision problems that need to be addressed. A vision test should first be performed when children are six months of age, and after three years of age, eye exams should be a routine event. And an annual contact eye exam is important when you wear contact lenses, as it's especially vital to monitor eye health with the use of contacts.

During a standard eye exam, your eye doctor will utilize eye charts to determine how well you see at a distance with each eye, and may use small cards or other equipment to measure your near vision. Another traditional eye test conducted during an eye exam is to check your peripheral or side vision. Other vision tests optometrists perform include examining the cornea, iris and lens of each eye, along with the retina and optic nerve, by using a combination of light, magnifiers and other optical equipment. During a contact eye exam, your eye doctor will also check the surface of your eyes to decide the type and size of contact lenses that are right for you, and will provide a trial pair of contacts for you to wear for a short time to see if the contacts offer a clear, comfortable fit.

A comprehensive eye exam at Cohen's Fashion Optical can include additional tests to determine any potential eye problems or general health issues. During a glaucoma eye test, your optometrist measures the pressure inside your eyes by having you look at a light inside a machine, and then shooting a small puff of air into your eye. Don't worry – this vision test doesn't hurt; it may feel a little strange, but it's an important eye health test for everyone. Whether you have a contact eye exam or standard eye exam, eye doctors may also dilate your eyes using harmless drops to get a better look at the inside of your eyes.

Set up an eye exam even when you just want to get an additional pair of eyeglasses, or want to try prescription sunglasses. Standard eye tests may determine your prescription has changed just a bit, and you'll always want the most precise prescription for the best vision. After a vision test, ask your eye doctor or associates to explain options in the latest lenses, such as progressive lenses or adaptive lenses that darken in the sunlight. You'll even need a contact eye exam if you have 20/20 vision and just want to try fashion color contact lenses.
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