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Choose prescription sunglasses from world-class designers when you shop at Cohen's Fashion Optical. Wear chic designer sunglasses and be confident that you look stylish and that your eyes benefit from optimum sun protection. Try on designer eyewear, including looks from leading designers, and find a style that suits you. Consider polarized sunglasses if you spend a lot of time outdoors or behind the wheel and need to filter out reflective glare.

Browse our prescription sunglasses and know that vision correction, style and comfort are our top priorities. Pick up designer sunglasses that are not only on-trend but are also best suited to your personal style, face shape and skin tone. Know that designer eyewear is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, and that we can help you find the best sunglasses to complement your features. Whether it's polarized sunglasses, wraparounds or aviators, we will help fit you with the optical-quality sunglasses your eyes deserve.

Pick up prescription sunglasses when vision correction, sun protection and style are equally important. Try on designer sunglasses from designer brands and make a fashion statement while protecting your eyes.

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Wearing prescription sunglasses helps protect your eyes from UV rays and potential eye damage.

Choose prescription sunglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical that flatter your features, fit comfortably and correct your vision. Designer sunglasses are a key fashion accessory, and as such, it's easy to overlook their important role in eye protection. But when you get designer eyewear at our stores, you don't have to sacrifice eye protection, comfort or vision correction for fashion – you can have it all. Try on polarized sunglasses, wayfarers or wraparounds and address both your eye health and personal style.

Protect your eyes with prescription sunglasses, opting for quality and style versus a hasty purchase from the pharmacy or at the beach. Select designer sunglasses understanding that they are an investment in your eye health that doubles as a key fashion accessory. Always carry your designer eyewear in the case provided so that you don't misplace them, and to protect the lenses from scratching. When you first buy polarized sunglasses or prescription sunglasses that are designer quality, it requires an adjustment – no more carelessly throwing your sunglasses in a handbag or beach tote, but you will quickly adapt, understanding that this dramatic fashion accessory is pivotal to eye health.

Most importantly, select prescription sunglasses at Cohen's Fashion Optical that you feel good wearing. Choose designer sunglasses that flatter your features and reflect your personal style. Before helping you select designer eyewear, our stylists first work with you to determine the best sunglasses for your look and lifestyle, so, for example, if you have a square face we might recommend sunglasses with rounded edges to soften your look. Or, we might recommend polarized sunglasses if you have an active lifestyle outdoors, as these sunglasses help reduce glare and offer blue-light protection.

Try on designer eyewear from leading designers, but don't just pick sunglasses based on the brand name and the latest trends. Choose designer sunglasses that are uniquely suited to you, as we not only want you to see better, but we also want you to look and feel better. For example, choose polarized sunglasses that are squared off if you have a round face, as this will add definition and structure, or try styles that are wider than your forehead as the best sunglasses for those with a heart-shaped face. Whatever prescription sunglasses you choose, feel good about your look, and the fact that you're giving your eyes necessary protection for continued eye health.
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