Ethical Eyewear Brands

October 8, 2019

So often as a fashion-conscious trendsetter, it’s easy to find the latest looks and additions to your wardrobe that will make you stand out from the crowd. The hard part, however, is ensuring the brands you choose practice the highest possible ethical standards for producing their products. But this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to eyewear at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. We carry some of the most ethical designer brands in the world so our clients can always feel that they’ve made the best possible decision. Here’s a look at a few of them.


Offering stunning eyewear, appealing fragrances, and countless clothing options, this British design house is regarded as one of the most ethical designer brands in the world. In fact, the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index dubbed Burberry as the top luxury brand in its category, largely due to its promise to no longer destroy unsold glasses and other products.

But that’s not all the brand has done to stay ahead on the ethics front. In 2017, Burberry forged a partnership with another luxury brand to transform 120 tons of leftover leather pieces into highly fashionable products. Burberry also secures 48 percent of its energy from renewable and sustainable resources, and the brand isn’t slowing down its ethical efforts anytime soon. Leanne Wood, Chief People, Strategy, and Corporate Affairs Officer for Burberry, has stated publicly that the brand will continue to innovate in order to make the ethical challenges the fashion industry faces a thing of the past.


If Gucci glasses are what you’re after, you can rest assured that they are manufactured by one of the most sustainable designers on the planet. According to the Corporate Knights’ Global 100 Index that ranks the sustainability efforts of international corporations, Gucci ranks higher than any other fashion designer, as sustainability has notably been one of the brand’s highest ethical priorities over the past decade.

To maintain this status going forward, Gucci has incorporated bioplastics, recycled palladium found in old medical devices, and other recyclables into its eyewear and entire lineup of clothing and accessories. And its parent company, Kering, has a goal to decrease its environmental footprint by 40 percent before 2025.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford has always believed that creating the highest quality products contributes to sustainability, as its eyewear, accessories, and clothing are intended to last season after season. The designer brand also ensures its manufacturing techniques impose minimal consequences on the environment.

But Tom Ford’s ethics extend far beyond sustainability, as it also insists on achieving the highest standard of humanitarian practices for its factories. Employees are not overworked, receive medical benefits, and feel safe in their working environment thanks to a strong focus on safe, supportive conditions. In addition, the brand never tests on animals and limits the amount of animal fur used in its collections.

Shop Ethically at Cohen’s

While Burberry, Gucci, and Tom Ford represent only a small percentage of the sustainable eyewear you’ll find at Cohen’s Fashion Optical, they all share commonalities that position them as ethical leaders in the industry. When you visit us for your next eye appointment or new pair of frames, you can keep these principles in the back of your mind as you browse our selection of over 20 of the most famous designer eyewear brands in the world. For more information, contact Cohen’s Fashion Optical today.