How Driving Glasses Enhance Safety

January 29, 2020

Driving Glasses and Safety

As drivers, we’ve all experienced situations on the road when it has become difficult to see clearly. Sometimes, a sudden afternoon downpour results in difficulty making out traffic lights or lines on the pavement. In other scenarios, hitting a patch of fog while traveling overnight may force you to squint just to see what lies ahead.

Whatever the case, Cohen’s Fashion Optical offers a solution that could make a world of difference for drivers in any situation. Here’s a closer look at how driving glasses can not only enhance your vision, but also keep you safe while behind the wheel.

Decreased Glare

Regardless of the time of day, drivers constantly encounter glare from sunlight, streetlights and other cars’ high beams. And, according to multiple studies, many drivers who have experienced an accident report that reflections from the road, shining lights, or the sun made them unable to see a pedestrian or an oncoming car.

To combat visibility issues due to glare, invest in a pair of driving eyeglasses at Cohen’s Fashion Optical.  Driving glasses can include Polarized Lenses because they reduce glare from headlights and light reflecting off of wet surfaces on the road. As a result, the driving experience will be more comfortable by reducing eye strain and providing UV protection.Polarized lenses are also good to use in foggy or hazy conditions as they help improve contrast and sharpen details.

If you wear prescription glasses, you can further ensure optimal sightby investing in lenses with an anti-reflective treatment. Also known as an AR coating or anti-glare coating, this technology prevents eye strain caused by trying to see through glare, so you can focus, avoid discomfort, and stay safe behind the wheel.

Sharper Vision

Whether you’re dealing with low light conditions, or driving through inclement weather, driving glasses are also engineered to sharpen your vision. How? These lenses can enhance contrast thanks to their brown, bronze, or dark yellow tints, which help improve your view of the road, dashboard, side and rear-view mirrors, and much more.

In addition, the improved contrast that driving glasses provide helps to reduce blue light, which often arises during hazy or foggy conditions. Plus, sharper vision also means that the color red is easier to see, allowing you to decelerate appropriately when stoplights or brake lights appear.

Superior Eye Protection

Of course, not all drivers drive on highways and local roads – or traditional motor vehicles, for that matter. For those who head off-road in golf carts, ATVs, or other recreational vehicles, the right type of driving glasses can protect your eye health from pebbles, insects, and debris normally stopped by windshields and windows. Constructed with durable, impact-resistant materials and built for your comfort, sport-specific driving glasses will allow you to see confidently and guard your eyes againstrecreational risks.

Enhance Your Safety

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving or where you’re headed, you can count on the collection of driving glasses offered by Cohen’s Fashion Optical. During your appointment, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you towards the ideal eyewear for your style and budget, as well as allow you to try on driving glasses from over 20 of the top eyewear brands in the world. For more information, contact your neighborhood Cohen’s Fashion Optical location today.