Do’s & Don’ts: Stylish Glasses for Women Over 50

Wendy Kagan
July 14, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Stylish Glasses for Women Over 50

News flash: Older women in stylish glasses are sexy. That’s right—today’s range of designer eyeglasses are fun and fresh, and the best glasses will make you look anything but frumpy. Don’t think that after age 50 you’re doomed to wearing tired old bifocals. When you pick the right styles (and avoid the duds) you can use your glasses to look younger. Follow these Dos and Don’ts to get a sense of the eyewear shapes, colors, and materials that will help you show your best self to the world.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Stylish Glasses for Women Over 50

DO wear modern-looking eyewear frames for a youthful look. Instead of metal rims or rimless glasses, go for translucent acetate frames, which have a more contemporary feel. Or try ombre eyewear frames, in which a darker tone on top fades to a lighter tone on the bottom (bonus: these designer eyeglasses will help draw attention away from under-eye circles).

DO use eyewear frames to accentuate your best features, and also to hide what you don’t want people to notice. Bold, thick eyeglass frames can draw attention away from your nose to your eyes. And stylish eyeglasses with larger frames can also hide crow’s feet. Cat-eye glasses (or frames that subtly turn up at the edges) can have the effect of an instant eye-lift (no surgery required!).

Cohens Fashion Optical - Stylish Glasses for Women Over 50

DON’T choose cold colors such as gray and steel, which tend to drain the color from the face. Instead, choose hues like burgundy, brown, or even red to brighten your complexion with the right eyewear frames.

DO think of your eyewear frames like makeup. Black frames, like eyeliner, can add definition to your features.

DON’T choose tortoise shell frames if you’re sporting natural gray hair. Conversely, tortoise shell designer eyeglasses work well for blondes and brunettes, adding auburn and honey-colored tints that help warm the complexion. For a modern twist, look for tortoise shell eyewear frames that add an unexpected glint of color (such as purple or green) to the traditional color scheme.

DON’T wear eyeglasses on a chain. It’s a look that screams “grandma” and instantly adds years to your appearance.


Cohens Fashion Optical - Stylish Glasses for Women Over 50

DO wear lipstick to complement your stylish eyeglasses, which will help balance out the top and bottom of the face. And wear eye makeup underneath your designer eyeglasses for a look that’s more vibrant and awake; check out our tips in Makeup Classes for Girls Who Wear Glasses.

DO make sure your designer frames fit your face. If you have delicate features, then chunky, large eyewear frames will look overpowering; instead, choose thinner, smaller frames when you are looking for what glasses look best. If your face is larger and fuller, then you can pull off the oversize frames that are so fashionable right now.

DO have fun with your eyewear. Designer glasses are so much more than utilitarian accessories to help you see better— the best glasses can be a great way to express your spirit and fashion sense, too.

DO try on your stylish eyewear in person. Sure, you can order designer eyeglasses online—but nothing beats the hands-on approach and expert advice of a Cohen’s Eyestylist, who can suggest colors and styles, as well as eyewear materials and eyewear shapes that suit you best, at any stage of life.

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