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Discover Your Best Look

Discover Your Best Look

Select your Face Shape to get started.

You have a Square Face, so your forehead and cheekbones are equally proportional to your squared jawline. Select frames with rounded edges to soften your look.

You have an Oval Face, so your cheekbones are slightly wider than your forehead and jawline. Almost any style will flatter you, but avoid frames that are wider than your cheekbones.

You have a Round Face, so your wide forehead is balanced by your rounded chin. Opt for rectangular or squared frames to add structure and distinction.

You have a Heart Face, so your forehead and cheekbones are wider than your jawline and narrow chin. Choose frames wider than your forehead to balance your look.

Select the Personal Style label that best describes you.

Your Personal Style is Classic: Elegant and understated, you don’t necessarily want to stand apart from the crowd — for anything but your excellent taste. Think full-rim metal or plastic styles.

Your Personal Style is Casual: Relaxed and easygoing, you’d rather be comfortable than stand on ceremony. Your style is happy-go-lucky… maybe that’s why you’re smiling! Think semi-rimless and rimless. Easy shapes in casual tortoise also work for you.

Your Personal Style is Trendy: Fashionable and style-conscious, you’re a style insider, and your image reflects this up-to-the-minute awareness. What’s hot? You don’t need us to tell you!

Your Personal Style is Sporty: Active and informal, you are constantly on the move. Your adventurous, outdoorsy spirit says you’re going places, so why not appreciate the view? Think aviators and wayfarers, or wraparound suns!

Select your Coloring to find personalized recommendations so you can start shopping with confidence!

You have a Fair Complexion and Light Eyes, colors in the medium to light range can play up your coloring. Try sea and sky shades; blue, green, turquoise, or reach for warm hues and burnished metals to provide mild contrast. For those fair fashionista’s who want to make a statement, bold dark frames are for you. The sharp contrast will surely get you noticed!

Coordinate your Medium Complexion and Light Eyes with frames in steely white or grey metals, as well as classic blonde tortoise; or flash some contrast by opting for a solid color two shades darker than your eyes — if you match your eye color they might ‘disappear’.

You have a Medium Complexion and Dark Eyes, so naturally variegated frames in horn, wood, tone-on-tone prints or layered stripes play up your coloring best. If you’re looking for contrast, select a monochromatic frame in your favorite, clear bright shade: think scarlet, cobalt or emerald.

Dusky tones of navy, gunmetal or chocolate coordinate well with your Dark Complexion and Dark Eyes, while clear or frosted pastel hues ramp up the contrast. Stick to shimmery tints or stay two shades lighter than your eyes to keep the focus on your best feature.