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Different Eyewear for Different Family Needs

January 14, 2020

No matter what you and your family are up to, seeing clearly and protecting your eyes are essential for both work and play. And whether you require a prescription or not, there are numerous kinds of eyewear designed to support your eye health in everything you do. Here, Cohen’s Fashion Optical breaks down the main types of specialty eyewear and how they can serve your family’s lifestyle.

Glasses for Sports

From soccer to baseball, participating in sports keeps kids active and brings families together. Whether the entire gang is playing in the backyard or you’re cheering on your kids, athletes of all levels can enjoy several benefits from wearing eyewear designed for sports. For one, both the frames and lenses of sports glasses are built with highly durable materials that resist impact and breakage. They also offer a snug fit for greater comfort during play, and common styles like wraparound and shield type frames protect the eyes.

Sports glasses are even linked to better performance thanks to available lens tints. For instance, by combating the sun’s glare reflecting off the field, athletes using sports eyewear report sharper vision, reduced eye strain, faster reaction time, and overall enhanced sports performance.

Computer Glasses

It’s a safe bet that you and your family members use a smartphone, computer, tablet, or other screened device as part of your daily routine at work, school, or just for fun. While homework and job duties depend on technology, this also means that you’re all at risk for developing computer vision syndrome, a condition caused by eye strain due to prolonged periods of working with a screen.

To help prevent this, Cohen’s Fashion Optical suggests computer glasses for each family member who logs significant screen time each day. This type of eyewear reduces eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort linked to the use of digital devices and protects overall eye health.Anti-reflective treatments allow more light to pass through the lenses and eliminate screen glare, while blue light blocker lenses protect eyes by reducing exposure to harmful blue light from the device’s screen.

Driving Eyewear

Drivers of all ages are often subject to vision challenges on the road, whether driving through fog, extremely sunny conditions, or at night. To enhance your visual clarity and reduce the potential for eye strain, your family can utilize driving glasses. Prescription lenses can be customized with anti-reflective treatments to:

  • Decrease glare by reflecting light away from the surfaces of your lenses
  • Enhance night vision by allowing a higher amount of light to enter your eyes

Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses can also make driving safer and more comfortable. Specially tinted to improve drivers’ ability to see in bright conditions, polarized sunglass lenses provide improved contrast and sharper vision. This means you and your family can stay safe on the roads by combating glare and bright sunshine.Sunglasses can be especially important for younger drivers, who are still gaining driving experience and may be more susceptible to distractions due to glare.

Fashionable, Functional Accessories

Regardless of which specialty eyewear types your family utilizes, you can count on your investment doubling as an upgrade to everyone’s wardrobe. At Cohen’s Fashion Optical, we offer over 20 top designer brands and a variety of affordable options, helping your family look great and protect their eye health. For more information, contact Cohen’s Fashion Optical today.