Dedicated to Unique You: The Collective from Cohen’s Fashion Optical

April 18, 2016

There’s a new eyewear collection on the block. It’s called The Collective, the latest eyewear innovation from Cohen’s Fashion Optical. This affordable collection of eyeglass frames is designed with you in mind: unique New Yorkers with your own sense of style in everything from clothes to prescription glasses.

The Collective is a celebration of uniqueness: distinct, youthfully charged eyeglass frame styles that let you show who you are, not who you’re wearing. It’s “nostalgia with a modern twist:” inspired by Cohen’s very first eyeglass frame introduced in 1930s New York City, the eyewear collection showcases some of Cohen’s original eyeglasses shapes and colors, yet with a subtle flavor of today’s fashion-forward styling.

Just how is this eyeglass frame collection different? For starters, the eyewear is genuine and embodies Cohen’s founding value: that everyone deserves fashionable eyewear. Over eighty years ago, Jack Cohen pioneered a new philosophy in the world of eyewear through his vision for everyone who needed prescription eyeglasses to look better, see better, and feel better about themselves. Cohen’s established the onsite eye exam and “One Hour Service” approach to prescription glasses that combines quality medical care with personal attention in a welcoming, “neighborhood” atmosphere.

Cohen's Fashion Optical - Collective Frames

And here’s the kicker: the Collective is a total vision package; it combines a comprehensive eye exam, eyeglass lenses to fit your lifestyle, and a great eyeglass frame that lets your personality shine through. All for an affordable $99.  It’s not the same eyewear you’ll find at some of the popular online eyewear retail sites; its originality goes one step further.

The fact that you get a complete eyewear package for one low price is unique in and of itself. For many of us, the expense of an eye exam can be a daunting, especially if vision insurance is less than easy to come by. Then, you’ll need to factor in prescription eyeglass lenses and great looking eyeglass frames. Elsewhere, prescription glasses are typically hundreds of dollars out of your pocket. The Collective is the affordable eyewear solution, backed by Cohen’s reputation for quality, service, and value, that meets your eyewear needs from start to finish.

The Collective, with a large selection of prescription designer eyeglasses and designer sunglasses makes its debut this month at Cohen’s recently renovated landmark location at Orchard Street and Delancey, in the heart of New York City. This “Concept Store at Delancey Street” celebrates the resurgence of the Lower East Side through its modernized interpretation of the 85-year old company’s legacy, reinvented for you – today’s young city-dwelling, aspiring professionals looking for prescription glasses  you can call your own. In it, you’ll find Jack Cohen’s original eyeglass frame, a nod to The Collective’s heritage and authenticity.


Personally, what I love most about The Collective is it lets you tell your own story with prescription glasses and sunglasses, while being a part of something bigger: it’s a celebration of a unique culture, of reinvention, of relevance, and the resurgence of historical glory. I invite you to experience it for yourself and be a part of the next chapter in Cohen’s history of providing eyewear that leaves you seeing better, looking better, and feeling better.

The Collective eyewear is available exclusively at The Concept Store at Delancey Street, with plans to expand to other locations throughout 2016.