Computer Glasses: the Fashionable Way to Work

August 13, 2019

Whether you’re new to computer glasses or have been wearing them for years, it’s commonly thought that these lenses and frames will cramp your personal style. At Cohen’s Fashion Optical, we believe that misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, there are few better ways to spice up your professional wardrobe than with a fashionable pair of computer glasses. Here’s a look at how computer glasses can enhance any work ensemble and what you can find at our stores.

Setting the Tone for Your Workday

Few things can hinder the workday faster than the stress of thinking your computer glasses are giving off the wrong impression. But you can rest assured when you visit Cohen’s Fashion Optical that we’ll send you off with the right pair that will allow you to conquer the day. With a variety of frames, colors, and styles, enter any room with confidence and keep your eyes comfortable at your desk so you can stay productive in the long run. Just a few of the computer glasses options we offer include:

  • Styles such as cat-eye, shield, square, oval and more that are suitable for both men and women
  • An array of frames, from solid neutral colors with optional accent designs to transparent looks
  • Lenses that simply block blue light or reduce glare, as well as those that magnify what you’re working on

Becoming a Trend Setter

You may have a set rotation of work outfits lined up for the week in your closet, or you might refuse to wear the same outfit twice over the course of a year. Either way, adding the sophisticated touch of the right pair of computer glasses to your work wardrobe will give your coworkers a reason to be jealous. With the chance to sport the latest designer computer glasses from the selection at Cohen’s Fashion Optical, you’ll define corporate style and become a trendsetter at the office in no time.

When you take advantage of our selection of computer glasses, you’ll find more than just a pair that confirms how astute and detail-oriented you are. You’ll also find a solution to the eye aches, along with the risk for serious eye problems like macular degeneration, that are linked to the blue light streaming out of your computer screen. And protecting some of your most important assets – your eyes – doesn’t have to be done in a way that jeopardizes your stylish wardrobe.

Changing Misconceptions

The assumption that computer glasses can’t be functional and stylish is one of the biggest misconceptions held by those who’d like to wear them, but worry about aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for bold tortoiseshell frames, the retro circular look or the timeless style of aviators, you can choose from over 20 of the world’s best eyewear designer brands, including:

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Computer glasses are as vital to your wardrobe as they are to your eye health, and few understand that balance more than Cohen’s Fashion Optical. While blocking blue light is a wise move with the right pair of computer glasses, we also encourage you to schedule regular comprehensive eye exams with our on-site optometrists to ensure all your vision care needs are met, helping you stay on top of the game at the office. For more information, visit your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical location today.