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Answers to 5 Common Eye Health Issues

Taking good care of your eyes is the key to a lifetime of healthy vision. But what do you do when an issue arises with your vision?

First off, you may have a lot of questions. What causes blurry vision? How can you treat red eyes? What causes dry eyes? What are dry eyes symptoms? And, how to treat dry eyes?

See your eye doctor to learn more about what may be causing any visual issues—and check our list here of 5 of the most common eye health issues, including their causes and solutions.


Blurred Vision

What causes blurry vision? Common causes of minor blurring include tired eyes, eyestrain, dry eye, allergies, or even presbyopia if you are over 40. Sudden and persistent blurring could indicate a more serious problem.

Solutions: For mild blurring, try resting your eyes first but call for an eye exam if the problem persists.


Red, Irritated Eyes

What causes red, irritated eyes? Burning, puffiness, redness, and itching could be caused by seasonal allergies. Bloodshot eyes could indicate pink eye, eye trauma, or a broken blood vessel

Solutions: How can you treat red eyes? Avoid rubbing eyes and try cold, wet compresses and see your eye doctor if symptoms persist.


Dry Eye Syndrome

What causes dry eyes? Itchy, burning, dry eyes happen when tear glands cannot produce enough tears.

Solutions: How to treat dry eyes? Try using a humidifier and over-the counter eye drops but see your doctor if symptoms persist.


Eye Pain

What causes eye pain? Dull, occasional eye pain could be caused by dry eye, eye strain or a sinus infection.

Solutions: Try resting eyes or using eye drops. If you experience sharp, constant eye pain see your eye doctor as soon as possible.


Flashes, Floaters, and Spots

What causes visual disturbances? Tiny specks or dots that float across the field of vision are often normal but can indicate a more serious problem such as retinal detachment.

Solutions: See your eye doctor if you notice a sudden change in the type or number of spots or flashes you see.