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Woman recieves eye drops from doctor

Answers to 5 Common Eye Health Issues

Taking good care of your eyes is the key to a lifetime of healthy vision. But what do you do when an issue arises with your vision?

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Pair of black eyeglasses and a prescription

How To Read an Eyeglass Prescription

So, you’ve been to your eye doctor and received your prescription via a piece of paper with a variety of seemingly foreign numbers and letters scribbled on it. And, you may be wondering: What do they all mean?

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Man wearing red prescription eyeglasses

What are Progressive Lenses?

If you’re over 40, you may one day begin to notice that you’re having difficulty reading—especially in situations where the lighting is dim or the print is small. If you’re holding your menu at arm’s length to read the specials or squinting at your computer screen to read the type, you may be experiencing the symptoms of presbyopia.

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