Classic Eyewear Styles for a Modern Look

July 25, 2019

As you’re shopping for new glasses this year, don’t be surprised to find that eyewear trends from the past are making a complete comeback. From oversized frames to sophisticated shapes, the past is everywhere you look and can easily integrate into your wardrobe. Draw attention to your face and highlight your inner fashionista with these classic eyewear styles in today’s world, all of which you can find at Cohen’s Fashion Optical.


Round Eyeglasses

The Beatles may have made them famous, but circular glasses have resurged and are here to stay. These are available in an array of sizes so you can look your best, from fun, oversize lenses to elegant, smaller frames. Offering effortless fashion and a simple silhouette, everyone you encounter will know you take your aesthetics seriously.

Retro Cat-Eye

With the ability to finish off any look, cat-eye glasses are as in now as they were in the 50s and 60s. They’re ideal for women who are looking to add stylish flair to the workday, as they give off the impression of a motivated, savvy go-getter who can handle whatever life throws her way. With colors and styles ranging from playful and adventurous to subtle and serious, there’s not a single pair of cat-eye glasses that will infer you don’t keep up with the times.

In fact, this vintage trend is thriving now more than ever. 2019 has seen millions of women sporting cat-eye glasses in some of the most modern fashions available. For instance, clear cat-eye frames take advantage of another recent trend: transparency. In addition, the color red is prominent in recent cat-eye collections, as it signifies confidence and strength in an era when women define those traits. However, you can always go for classic black finishes that pair well with almost any outfit, hair color or makeup look.

Oversize Square Frames

Bring back the 1970s and 80s with a pair of oversized square glasses. As these frames are attractive on both men and women, you’ll become the definition of glamour when you combine the long-lasting popularity of square lenses with the large-and-in-charge frames of yesteryear. But instead of pairing them with the big hair and denim flares of their former era, rock oversize square frames with a sleek and flirty hairdo and an ensemble featuring a high neckline for a modern vibe.

Timeless Aviators

Sporty yet sophisticated, it’s quite possible that aviators will never go out of style. What was first introduced as shades for pilots in the 1930s have evolved into more than just sunglasses for those flying planes. A trendy style for any type of lens, you can find a variety of aviators that feature everything from bright, colorful frames to classic metal looks. You’ll stun the crowd, regardless of your face shape and what type of frame you choose, and aviators are always a winning choice for men and women alike.

Tiny and Slim

Another classic eyewear favorite that has made a welcome comeback is the thin and slim glasses trend of the 1990s. Dress like a modern celebrity when you opt for oval or rectangular frames that barely exceed the perimeter of your eye. With a slight cat-eye feel, you’ll be the most enviable person in the room thanks to how sharp and chic your delicate frames make you look.

Keeping You in Style

Stay up-to-date with the latest resurging trends at Cohen’s Fashion Optical. We feature over 20 of the top designers in the eyewear industry today, such as Burberry, Emilio Pucci, Fendi and more, to ensure our clients are always as fashionable as they can be. Our team of experts will assist you in finding the best pair of eyeglasses to complement your face shape and style, as well as ensure they fit properly before leaving our store. For more information, find a Cohen’s Fashion Optical location near you.

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