Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

February 18, 2016

So many frames, so many styles. What’s the best way to show your style? Eyewear that best fits your face! There are so many different shapes to choose from – you can use your eyewear to emphasize your best features and compliment your facial structure. Some styles look great on any face, and some faces can wear just about any shape. Choose a frame shape that will let you put your best face forward!

Here are some guidelines on choosing the right frame for your face shape.

If your face shape is:

Your face has sharper, angular features. The widths of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are the same.

Choose: Rounded styles that will add softness to your angles. Frames with emphasized, dramatic brow lines, like a sleek, modified Wayfarer style, will deemphasize your jaw line and play up your eyes.


Your face has soft, rounded angles. Your cheekbones are wider, and the widths of your forehead and jaw line are similar.

When selecting glasses for round faces, choose angular, narrow shapes that will add definition and structure to your face. A Wayfarer style with a slight outer sweep and bolder, angular lines will play up your cheekbones. Deeper rectangles and geometric shapes will sharpen the softness, add definition, and lengthen the look of your face.


Your face is widest at the jaw, and narrows to your forehead.

Choose: Uplifting cat eye shapes and emphasized brow lines to accentuate your cheekbones. Look for styles that are wider than your jaw line for a balanced look. Get adventurous with detail: look for styles with colorful accents and texture on the top brow.


Your face is widest at the forehead, and narrows to your jaw line.

Choose: The frame that’s where the heart is: a classic Wayfarer. A great shape for heart shaped faces, choose a style with a top brow that’s wider than your forehead (even better: go for one of this season’s popular transparent colorations!) Round and oval frames help balance your features, and draw attention away from your chin.


Your face is longer than it is wide. The widths of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line are similar.

Choose: Frames that will add balance to a long face, like the ever popular aviator. Rounded or square shapes will give your face more depth. Unique styles with decorative fronts or temples, as well as geometric shapes, draw attention to your best features.


Your facial proportions are balanced; you have slightly wider cheekbones and a narrower forehead and jaw line.

Choose: Just about any shape looks great on your face! Select a style that highlights your best facial features. Sexy, uplifting cat eyes will help define your cheekbones, and bold, oversized frames compliment your overall shape. Get creative with colorful, textured styles.


Discover your look by getting to know your face shape and what works best for your features! You’re on your way to finding frames that complement your face and show your style.