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Using Your HSA on Glasses

Using Your HSA on Glasses Whether you’ve been a lifelong wearer of prescription glasses or require eyeglasses for the first time, purchasing the right pair is surely a financial investment. And while some glasses…

Different Eyewear for Different Family Needs

No matter what you and your family are up to, seeing clearly and protecting your eyes are essential for both work and play. And whether you require a prescription or not, there are numerous…

Screen Time’s Effect on Young Eyes

These days, you’re just as likely to see kids playing with devices with screens as dolls, toy cars, and the like. As technology and the use of social media continue to rise, there has…

Sports and Glasses

Whether you’re a professional athlete, participate in local recreational leagues, or have a child who plays on a team, finding the perfect pair of glasses for your sport of choice requires a delicate balance.…
eye exams for children: what parents need to know

Eye Exams for Children: What Parents Need to Know

Crawling, walking, talking—all of your child’s firsts are thrilling, and usually occur after a lot of practice. A child’s eyesight also develops over time, as your child learns to focus, move their eyes accurately,…
Andrea Castagno

Kids’ Eyeglasses 101: What to Know Before You Buy

Ever since Harry Potter made kids’ eyeglasses cool, children have warmed up to wearing their specs. But parents still have the challenge of finding the right glasses for kids, and learning what’s important to…
Wendy Kagan
Is Blue Light Bad for Kids? What You Need to Know

Is Blue Light Bad for Kids? What You Need to Know

Let there be light. Just not blue light. The blue light emitted by our computers and digital devices is getting a bad rap these days, as some scientists have warned that exposure to blue…
Wendy Kagan

Back to School Starts with New Eyeglasses

It's already August, and another summer is practically in our rear-view mirrors. That means "Back-to-School" shopping is about to kick-off, turning our local shopping centers into the kind of "nightmares" that keep me hiding…

A Dad’s Advice for Grads

June is finally here and that means it’s time for college grads to either take on even more debt by enrolling in graduate school; or face reality and enter the workforce. Since June is…
Andrew Miller

How to Find the Best Sunglasses for your Teenager

If you ask most parents, "the best" sunglasses will be the ones that keep their kid's eyes safe, and don't break after a couple of days of use. For teenagers, it's all about current…

Kids’ Sunglasses – A Necessity, not a Fashionable Frill

Ahh…it’s finally summertime and for all the families out there, that means more fun in the sun and less bouncing of the walls.  My 3-year-old daughter thrives on Vitamin D and N (Nature) and…
Jordan Manfredi

Affordable Eyeglasses for College Students: EyeCampus Discount Program

Welcome to September in New York. Classes are heating up, so you especially need to keep your style in check! With the city’s stream of new students from all over the world, you’re sure…
Chrissie Wright

The ABC’s of Back to School Eye Care

When it comes to back-to-school, the supplies don’t end with backpacks and cool kicks—don’t forget the kids' eyeglasses, too! Dr. Mina Kim, the optometrist from our Brooklyn Heights store, knows that the eyes are…
Amy Spiezio

Kids Style Watch: Go Back to School in Style with Fall’s Popular Eyeglasses

Oh yes, it’s that time again. Back to School. And that means – shopping, backpacks, school supplies, and of course, a standout pair of eyeglasses. Let’s face it; the prospect of spending our coveted…
Chrissie Wright

Summer Life Hacks From A Working Mom’s Perspective

I am a mom, wifey and business owner in search of the best summer life hacks. Like any other busy mom, I barely have time to shower, let alone switch that load of laundry…
Jordan Manfredi

Making Sense of Summer Sports Specs

One of the best things about summer is that you can do so much more outside – and it's important to always have the right men's eyewear, whether it's the best sunglasses for men…
Andrew Miller