An Average Guy’s Take on Glasses for Men

Andrew Miller
June 16, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Average Mans Style - Andrew Miller
When it comes to fashion, I’ve said before that my primary goal is to try my best to not look like a tool. So when I was invited to do this blog about fashion and men’s eyewear, my first thought was, “Are you sure about this?” You see, I’ve been married for 18 years and a dad for 15, so my free time is not spent looking through the pages of GQ or Esquire for fashion tips. So writing about men’s glasses or men’s sunglasses hardly seemed my forte.

Then, I gave it some more thought.  I realized that as a bald guy with a big head, I actually like wearing men’s eyeglasses. For me, glasses help to break up the giant patch of paleness known as my face. Since since I’m not into jewelry (I wear a watch and the occasional charitable rubber bracelet), glasses are my one and only fashion accessory.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Average Mans Style - Andrew Miller - Tortoise Shell Glasses

While I have many pairs of glasses (fortunately, my prescription hasn’t changed in 10 years), I stick with one or two “go-to” frames. If you’re like me—and by that, I mean bald— acetate frames can do wonders for you. Whether you choose big, bold, and black; a sophisticated tortoise; or a playful translucent color, acetates can divert attention away from what’s missing from the top of your head.  Stop by your nearest Cohen’s to see what works for you. Semi-rimless frame are safe bets for all guys, too. If you want something that’s uber-cool, titanium frames are incredibly popular – and virtually indestructible. They also weigh next to nothing.

Now that summer is finally here, it brings with it a convenient segue where I can pontificate about designer sunglasses for men.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Average Mans Style - Andrew Miller

Whether you’re into sport sunglasses or something more traditional, nothing says “summer” like a pair of suns. But please don’t wear your wrap-arounds with a suit. It just doesn’t work. Do you know who looks good wearing sport sunglasses? Guys playing sports. So if you’re not on your way to play golf or tennis, go fishing, or watch your kids play soccer, leave them at home.

If you’re looking for everyday sunglasses for men (or women, too, for that matter) look no further than aviators. Aviators are simple, straightforward and timeless. Aviators look as good with shorts and a t-shirt as they do with a suit and tie. Ray-Ban’s aviator is my personal favorite and it comes in a wide range of metals and tints. There are a million aviator variations and Cohen’s has a dizzying array on display.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Average Mans Style - Andrew Miller - Aviator Sunglasses
The important thing when choosing men’s designer sunglasses or even prescription men’s eyeglasses is to know your limits. Even though I’m bald like Pitbull, I would never attempt to mimic his look. That’s because if I did, I’d look like a tool. If you’re a younger, hipper dad, then go for it. There’s nothing wrong with taking chances when looking for eyeglass frames for men, just don’t come off as “trying too hard.”