A Peek Inside the Beautiful World of Jane Larkworthy

Elissa Lumley
June 9, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Lunch Style - Jane Larkworthy
Jane has been with W Magazine for 15 years. As Beauty Director, she is just as conscious about what we put IN our bodies, and how that reflects on our skin, as she is about dishing out other beauty advice. So she is equally fond of food, which she chronicles on her blog, The Fraudulent Chef. Here, she shares with us everything from fake lashes and glasses to her perfect meal.

1. How did you end up in New York City?

I’m from just outside it, so moving here was no biggie. I was pretty unfocused after I graduated, but I’d worked with a temp agency that sent me to Glamour Magazine’s beauty department during holiday break senior year. I went back and begged. Eventually, they relented.

2. If you weren’t a beauty editor you would be….

A talk show host. Think “Jane Corden.” I do a mean car karaoke, too. Either “Get Here” by Oleta Adams or the Carpenter’s “Superstar.”

3. Apologies, but we have to ask for that one, coveted piece of beauty advice…?

I have two. Stop touching your face! #germs. And Stay. Out. Of. The. SUN!!!

4. You look great in glasses. Any makeup tips for glasses?

Always have cleaner and a chamois with you at all times. My makeup always makes my glasses pretty gross…

5. How often do you include the eye area in your beauty routine? And how?

As in, do I wear eye cream? RARELY. No product has convinced me enough to add it to my beauty regimen yet…

6. Have you tried fake eyelashes?

Not self-done, but I used to get them on a regular basis, about ten years ago, when they first hit the mainstream. Soul Lee did them and she was with Shu Uemura back then. It took nearly two hours, but they were so worth it. I kind of can’t imagine wearing them now, partly because I didn’t wear my glasses as regularly as I do now.

7. On the receiving end of all new beauty products, you just might roll your eyes if you see one more…

Contour palette.

8. Enough about beauty tips … you also have a huge respect for food as you chronicle in The Fraudulent Chef. What would earn “the last meal” status?

The meal would be somewhere outside, with a Tuscan grill heavily involved. There would be a huge wheel of Parmesan with fresh-out-of-the-oven warm bread. Pizza would be served, and then the main would be grilled steak, marinated with really great olive oil, lots of garlic and red wine. Sides would include a truffle pasta magically appearing from Italy, as well as grilled vegetables (cippolinis, fennel, endive). There would be abundant amounts of popovers from Ralph Lauren’s Polo Lounge and dessert would be my friend Eric’s cheesecake with Jeni’s ice cream.

9. You love a challenge, as captured on your Instagram. What will be your next #30daysof?

I’m vacillating between denim, sunglasses and oversize. Probably going to be oversize so I can eat all I want for a month.

10. Please fill in the blank: “When I look at the world I see … “

Missed opportunities everywhere. And weekly tickets to the Broadway musical Hamilton.