New Year, New Look – Styles for 2017

Amy Spiezio
December 29, 2016


Before spring has sprung and you can call your New Year’s resolution for your best beach body ever a success, you might need a little burst of fun and fashion to get you through the winter doldrums. The right pair of eyeglasses might do just the trick and with the great, fresh variety of colors and styles coming into stores there’s something for everyone!


We’re living in a world where every casual moment is captured…and in some of those moments you might not be wearing makeup. But there’s good news! Some of the latest have been created with the inspiration of cosmetics in mind. Neutral skin toned give you a refined, finished look simply by popping them on. Foundation tones or blush accents of rose with a touch of pearlescent prettiness makes you ready for your close up. 


(Shown, Chloe style CE2696)

And speaking of pop, the fashion eyewear out there today also steps in for funkier make up options. Not ready to commit to a big, dramatic brow? Let your designer glasses do the work. A splash of color along the top of the designer eyeglass frames, or maybe two different colors or materials creating a 3D brow line checks the box for this strong beauty trend.

(Shown, Calvin Klein style CK5932)

You have a bun, he has a mun; you share half of your wardrobe already…why not share your eyewear? Reflecting the increasingly gender-neutral world, new feature a geometry that works on masculine or feminine faces.
Colors, such as navy, gray, and tortoise are also neutral enough that they don’t get too girly or macho.

Color is here and in ways that become a very personalized expression of your style. A bright rainbow of colors pops up in many ways in different eyewear. For an on-your-face look jewel and electrified tones of blue and red and beyond are dramatic and daring options.

(Shown, Lacoste style L2771)

Want to tell a color story that takes a more rainbow approach? Well this is going to be your lucky year as traditional tortoises and understated abstracted patters get a little jolt with a mixture of tones that brighten up staid looks.

(Shown, Salvatore Ferragamo style SF2760)

Celebrate your eyewear wardrobe this year by heading to your optician not just a technical expert, but also a fashion consultant!