10 Things You Need to Know About This Year’s New Fall Styles

Andrew Miller
October 5, 2016

Cohens Fashion Optical - Men's New Fall Fashion
Fall is my favorite season and it’s the only one I look forward to from a fashion standpoint. That’s because to me, winter fashion is about not freezing; spring fashion is about pretending it’s already summer; and summer fashion is about not looking like a sweaty mess.

Fall fashion is all about just looking good.

While I’m certainly not a fashionisto (the masculine form of the made-up word, fashionista), I definitely appreciate style. A quick look at what the real fashionistos of the world are predicting will be in style this fall give me hope that there are few looks I could actually pull off without being openly mocked by my wife and kids for trying too hard.

Colors:  No big surprise here, but browns, coppers and rusty colors are expected to be popular this season. Naturally, tortoise men’s glasses would match these tones quite well, especially the “Leo” men’s sunglasses from Tom Ford or Burberry’s BE2222 optical frame. Both feature a wide range of warm, brown hues.

Cohens Fashion Optical - 2016 Men's Fall Fashion - Tom Ford
Tom Ford – Leo

Patterns: Checks and plaids (I’m guessing, not in the same outfit) are another two trends that fall under the “fairly obvious things to wear in the fall” umbrella. However, I’m pretty sure they don’t mean “lumberjack plaid” but rather, something a little more refined. Lacoste’s L2660 has a unique grid pattern embossed on the temples of these frames for men that would nicely complement the angles of the plaids and checks.

Modern Military–Bomber Jackets: A very wearable trend this fall is nylon bomber jackets. As the name implies, these are styled after the jackets worn by military pilots. While your initial thought might be to pair these with aviators–I personally would resist the temptation, unless you have a burning desire to “ride into the danger zone” with Goose and Maverick. A better option would be retro/cool men’s eyeglasses Persol’s PO3115V or Ray-Ban’s “Clubmaster.”

Cohens Fashion Optical - Men's New Fall Fashion


Historic Military—Regalia: While the above bomber jackets are fashioned after something a pilot would wear in the cockpit, this style more closely resembles what he would wear on parade grounds. With angular shoulders and lots of gold buttons and details, simple and unadorned frames are a must for this look. The clear acetate Lafont “Socrate” 001 is unassuming, yet distinctive, as is their rimless “Light” 102.

Cohens Fashion Optical - 2016 Men's Fall Fashion - LaFont
LaFont – Socrate 001

Arts and Crafts: This doesn’t mean clothes that are made of felt and paper mache; it refers to quality clothes and accessories with handcrafted-looking details. Tom Ford’s “Metal Optical” and “Tom N.11” certainly measure up if you’re looking for designer glasses for fall.

Chrome/Silver: While I personally can’t pull off this look, I have to admit, I like it. I would suggest limiting it to either one shiny article of clothing and an accessory or two accessories (like a shiny belt and Dior’s “Blacktie 220S” glasses for men in Crystal), or you’ll risk looking like that a Times Square Tin Man knock-off.

Track jackets/80s Retro: Another very wearable look that’s in every “Looks for Fall” list is the 80s style track jacket. If you want to look more “collegiate” and less “Goodfella,” pair a track jacket with jeans and some smart frames like the Lacoste 2167 in nickel silver or their 2759 in blue/green.

Duffle Coats: Whenever I see a child in a duffle coat, I think to myself, “Wow, he must get teased a lot.” But for adults who get to choose their own clothes, duffle coats can work. Prada’s PR19SV classic eyeglasses feature a have a keyhole bridge and come in a wide range of browns, blacks and greys that go nicely with this very British look.

Shawl-neck cardigans: If you’ve got any sort of a belly, steer clear of these, as their bulky nature will make you seem, well bulkier. If you’re fortunate enough to be in halfway decent shape, then go ahead, grab a pair of Dolce & Gabbana DG3217 and throw on your cardigan. The angles of the D&G frames will contrast nicely with the sweater’s curvy/slouchy lines.

Cohens Fashion Optical - 2016 Men's Fall Fashion - Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana – DG3217

Texture–Suede and Velvet: I think of these two textures as polar opposites, with suede being more casual and velvet being more formal. The Cazal 7517 is a titanium frame that looks great for more formal eyewear occasions. Maui Jim’s “Tail Slide” is a great men’s sunglass for casual occasions. In grey or green, it features a unique striated pattern that’s just a little bit funky.

Fortunately, all of the above frames can be found at your neighborhood Cohen’s Fashion Optical.