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Vision correction for infants often times is easier than for older children, as infants usually don't have a strong opinion on style. However, as baby vision development continues, your child and soon-to-be toddler will begin to form opinions on his or her eyewear selection. Make infant eye care fun for your child from the start at Cohen's Fashion Optical, where we offer fun frame colors and an interactive selection process that engages little ones from the start. Newborn eyesight is our specialty, and we enjoy making the process informative and enjoyable for both the parent and the child.

When selecting vision correction for infants, we worry about the basics, allowing you to focus on the style. Baby vision development expertise is combined with common sense, which is why our frames are made of break-resistant materials like plastic, and feature loads of extra padding around contact points for a comfortable fit. Additionally, our infant eye care products come in fun colors your children will enjoy, such as bright pink, blue or red. Who knew newborn eyesight could be an opportunity to make a fashion statement!

While vision correction for infants is made fun in our store, a little prep work at home makes the process all the more enjoyable for your child. Prepare for baby vision development correction by mimicking the new look with your eyeglasses, ensuring your child that his or her new eyeglasses are fun, and for older children you can explain what is about to happen. Your infant eye care specialist at Cohen's Fashion Optical also will provide a list of tips to make the eyeglasses more comfortable when you're back into the regular routine at home, such as slowly introducing the new eyeglasses to your child. Newborn eyesight correction is made easier by selecting comfortable eyeglasses and following simple introduction tips.

As vision correction for infants usually is only the start of the vision correction journey, many parents choose to select eyewear their child may grow into. For example, while baby vision development usually requires new lenses as prescriptions change, parents may opt for eyeglass frames with removable lenses. After the infant eye care exam, ask your stylists to explain your options in eyewear selection, such as goggle-style eyeglass frames with adjustable straps that your child may grow into. Our staff will explain the newborn eyesight development process so you understand your child's needs now and in the future, and so you can select appropriate eyeglass frames.
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