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Vision correction for infants is a fun process when the visit is met with excitement and engagement. Baby vision development at Cohen's Fashion Optical is an educational process that's both enlightening and fun. When it comes to infant eye care, we make your child's process fun but also give you the latest information to help you make the right decisions. From newborn eyesight to school-age children's vision and beyond, we understand that selecting the right eyeglasses is an important decision.

When vision correction for infants is necessary, we take the time to ensure your child fits properly in his or her eyeglasses. Healthy baby vision development is crucial to the learning process, which is why it's imperative that the eyeglasses selected fit your child properly, and don't slip off or constrain your child's movement. Infant eye care usually involves wraparound frames that secure snuggly to your child's head, limiting dropped or thrown glasses during regular activities. A secure fit ensures newborn eyesight continues to develop properly, specifically during formative activities such as crawling, eating and fine motor skills.

Vision correction for infants includes several eyeglass frame and lenses selections. For example, when baby vision development requires corrective lenses, our stylists will recommend features like impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses to limit breaking during common child activities. Furthermore, infant eye care correction includes goggle-style lenses with soft padding for a more comfortable fit your child will appreciate. Newborn eyesight will be addressed by the optometrist and stylists at Cohen's Fashion Optical who will share the options available so your child not only keeps his or her glasses on, but also feels comfortable wearing the new eyeglass frames.

Understanding vision correction for infants makes selection of eyeglass frames easier. Common baby vision development issues include strabismus, which is when both eyes do not move together, nystagmus, or uneven or sporadic eye movement, and basic vision conditions such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. During routine infant eye care exams, these issues are addressed and properly explained to the parent or caregiver; older children may ask questions too. Once your newborn eyesight issue has been identified, our stylists will direct you to the proper eyewear your child needs to correct the issue.
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